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Cabinets Production

Our main products are power distribution panel, drive panel, PLC panel, remote I/O panel etc., products are applied for steel, glass, aluminum, cement, sugar, logistics etc. industry power distribution system, the relevant products have fully passed CE certification and China compulsory certification (CCC), UL, and meet GB7251.1-2005 <Low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies>, IEC60439-1 <Low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies> ,UL 508A <Industrial Control Panels> standards requires. 


Low-voltage power distribution cabinet, MCC cabinet, drive cabinet, PLC cabinet
     -FORM 1 form of low-voltage power distribution equipment
     -Electrical panel for motor control
     -Single-pass frequency conversion cabinet, multi-pass frequency conversion cabinet
     -PLC, remote IO cabinet, console, network equipment cabinet

UL/EAC/CE/CCC panel production
     -Proprietary production process based on different standards
     -Provide customers with products that meet the standards of the destination country
     -Comply with IEC, EN, UL, GB and other standards

Gas analysis, gas brake cabinet
     -Analyzer board (cabinet) with connection methods such as ferrule, welding, thread, etc.
     -Customization of piping and air source connection blocks to optimize space and simplify connections, easy to maintain

Non-standard product customization
     -Customized production according to customer's specific requirements