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The 2022 Financial Report is available

A record order book gives all divisions excellent visibility on their activity and workload levels for the coming year.

The Group is therefore confident in its ability to return to a growth trajectory for its results in line with its pre-pandemic expectations as of 2022.

Over the long term, Fives remains particularly well positioned to respond to the fundamental market trends that have been at work for several years and whose momentum has been accelerated by the health crisis:

The multiplication of the volumes of goods to be transported, which requires, on the one hand, optimized flow management and, on the other hand, increasing robotization of installations. The offer developed by the Smart Automation Solutions Division meets these requirements.
The challenges of national sovereignty in industrial segments considered strategic, several of which are served by the High Precision Machines Division.
Manufacturers' awareness of the challenges of climate change is enhancing the offering portfolio of the Process Technologies Division, whose environmental and energy performance has been at the heart of the Group's innovation strategy for over a decade.