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Next-generation probes for optimized performance

In the last 20 years, Fives has provided more than 4,000 Cail and Fletcher brix probes to over 250 factories worldwide. We offer probes built on two different technologies: Microwave and Radiofrequency.

Our probes are designed for use in vacuum pans, melters, minglers, crystallizers, reheaters and centrifugals. They are ideal for:

  • Brix measurement and control
  • Optimizing process parameters
  • Reducing batch pan cycles
  • Reducing energy consumption (steam, water, electricity)
  • Monitoring and improving massecuite quality
  • Improving the purity drop
  • Detecting brix changes from 0.1 to 0.5%   

Hydrotrac: Direct brix readings

The Cail & Fletcher Hydrotrac is a microwave probe that provides direct brix readings. The probe is unaffected by purity and can be used on all materials within any sugar factory, on brix ranges of 50-98%. The measurement is carried out using low-powered microwaves.

The Cail & Fletcher Hydrotrac probe has two analogue outputs: one is used to record the product brix while the second can be used to measure the product temperature.

The electronics housing design ensures that the electronics are protected from high process temperatures. Each probe is delivered pre-calibrated with factory default settings. As operating conditions may vary, the probe may need to be calibrated on site to achieve a more accurate measurement.

The Cail & Fletcher Hydrotrac is supplied with output capabilities to connect to a laptop or human-machine interface (HMI). It includes software to easily configure and calibrate the probe, and facilitate readings.

Download Cail & Fletcher Hydrotrac brix brobe brochure

Monotrac: measure massecuite conductivity

The Cail & Fletcher Monotrac probe is a radio frequency (RF) device that measures the conductivity of the massecuite and provides a local display of real-time online readings.

The probe can convert conductivity into brix, giving it medium sensitivity to purity changes and can work on purities of up to about 90%.

The Cail & Fletcher Monotrac consists of two parts: a probe with cell measurement and a transducer/transmitter equipped with a digital display.

This probe is supplied pre-calibrated. An easy brix calibration process using Excel can be performed to convert conductivity into brix by using the front-mounted push buttons. No external calibrator required.

The Cail & Fletcher Monotrac probe is a low-cost yet high-performance solution based on proven technology. Its high frequency makes the measurement less susceptible to scaling/encrustation and perfectly suitable for batch and continuous vacuum pans.

Download Cail & Fletcher Monotrac brix probe brochure