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Fives acquires industrial startup Dizisoft

Fives, the international leader in industrial engineering, announces the acquisition of Dizisoft, a leading industrial diagnostics and performance startup. A pioneer in the digitalization of industry, Fives confirms its technological leadership with the acquisition of the only solution on the market capable of connecting any type of machine, regardless of its age and manufacturer. This acquisition is in line with the Group’s ambition, defined more than 20 years ago, to build the industry of the future that will be digital and carbon-free, or it won’t be.

An acquisition that consolidates Fives' technological leadership

As a pioneer in the digitalization and decarbonization of industry, the Group is now driven by the visionary and bold choices it made more than 20 years ago. Fives decided to focus its R&D programs on solutions aimed at reducing its customers’ environmental footprint, a challenge that is now a key concern for industrial groups.

Fives also created its subsidiary Fives CortX, specialized in the digitalization of industry, in response to the growing demand from its customers wishing to make the leap into the industry of the future.

The Group has also just achieved a record order intake of €2.8 billion for 2022, up 50% compared to 2021 and pre-Covid.

The acquisition of Dizisoft is the first in a series of upcoming acquisitions and is part of the Group’s strategy to strengthen its position as an Industry 4.0 leader.

An essential part of industrial digitalization

The DiziScop software is the only solution on the market that can be connected to all machines, allowing for a wide deployment. It removes a major obstacle faced by industrial groups in digitalizing their mostly heterogenous machinery (different ages and manufacturers).

With this acquisition, Fives provides its customers with a powerful machine data collection and analysis tool that enables them to:

  • Predict maintenance problems
  • Reduce their energy consumption by up to 30%
  • Improve the quality of their products
  • Increase their productivity

International deployment

The DiziScop solution has already been adopted by the biggest European automotive and aerospace companies and installed on 275 industrial sites with over 1,600 licenses deployed.

With its 8,500 employees in almost 25 countries, Fives aims to deploy this innovative solution worldwide and accelerate the digital transformation of all industrial groups.

According to David Zak, President of Fives CortX, this acquisition is a decisive step in the development of Fives. “I am delighted to welcome the Dizisoft team to Fives. The quality of their DiziScop solutions, their unique expertise in data collection and business analysis, their ability to innovate, and their entrepreneurial spirit fit perfectly with our corporate culture.”

“With the Fives group’s international presence and its wide network of industrial customers, we will support the global deployment of the DiziScop solution, while continuing to develop ever more innovative and relevant solutions to improve our customers’ performance and reduce their environmental footprint,” stresses Frédéric Sanchez, Chairman and CEO of the Fives Group.

Christophe Rosiaux, Founder and Director of Dizisoft, sees the acquisition by Fives as a unique development opportunity for the DiziScop solution. “With Fives and all its businesses at our side, we have the opportunity to make our solution more widely and quickly available to industrial groups. I am proud that Dizisoft is now part of the Fives family, we share the same passion for industry.”