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Global expertise in industrial pipe manufacturing

With industry expertise and global partnerships developed over more than 100 years, Fives is a benchmark in the manufacturing of industrial piping. Many industrial figures from different sectors (nuclear, chemical/petrochemical, gas, thermal, etc.) rely on our expertise and enjoy the unique relationship we have with our clients.

Discover our services in expansion joints, induction bending, aluminum piping and pressure vessels, skids and tube or Polytubes® cleaning.

Nordon expansion joints: durable and adaptable

A leader in industrial piping, Fives designs and manufactures the renowned Nordon expansion joints, which can be tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Used in a considerable number of industries, the design of our expansion joints has drawn on the expertise which makes Fives a world leader in industrial manufacturing.

Discover IMMUNE®, a patented solution which increases the life span of your expansion joints.

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A highly qualified company in induction bending

Hot bending is used in nuclear and thermal power plants, oil and gas, offshore and subsea industries. Fives has developed its expertise in hot bending through its thorough understanding of processes covering all aspects of carbon steel, stainless steel alloys, Duplex and Super Duplex. We continually improve our performance and technical capacities.

With over one hundred bending procedure qualification records, Fives is recognized as a highly qualified partner in induction bending.

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Manufacturing of aluminum piping and pressure vessels

For over 50 years, Fives has created pressurized equipment and aluminum piping and pressure vessels for cryogenic purposes, based on international standards and codes (ASME U, PED, etc.).

Our teams are able to expertly work on major projects combining welding, assembly, engineering and metallurgy. In addition to prefabrication, Fives supports its clients with inspection, delivery and assembly.

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New piping and tailored skids

Fives offers its expertise in industrial and nuclear piping to design and manufacture your skids. Discover our turnkey solutions, tailor-made to meet industry needs and requirements. Design, management, manufacturing, delivery: we support you every step of the way.

Fives can rely on over 200 qualified welders to work on over 2,000 welding Procedure Qualification Records.

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Tubes and Polytubes®/Monotube mechanical cleaning solutions

Fives has designed and manufactured cleaning tools and equipment for 85 years. Our high-quality products are used worldwide for maintenance and cleaning, particularly for tube exchangers and evaporators. Our cleaning solutions designed for professionals are secure and easy to use.

Fives also offers a complete range of Polytubes®/Monotubes designed for control, regulation, analysis and sampling. All our tubes are assembled at dedicated workshops in France.

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