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Fives Develops Coated Brake Disc Grinding Solution

Fives has developed a specific process to meet the most extreme grinding targets to produce new low particle emission coating material by using a robust and well proven technology.

Coated Brake Disc

Euro 7 Standards

The new Euro 7 Standards set limits on the air pollution from new vehicles sold in the EU, including particle emissions from brakes and tires. These standards ensure cleaner vehicles and improved air quality to protect citizens and the environment. These new emission standards will be enforced in 2025 on passenger vehicles.

To learn more about the Euro 7 Standards, click here

What changes do the Euro 7 Emission Standards bring?

The previous emission standards focused on tailpipe exhaust, while the new Euro 7 Standards expand the regulations to include dust emission from brake discs. This means that brake discs must be coated with a specific hard material that requires a grinding operation during the manufacturing process.

Fives Solution

In response to the requirements of the Euro 7 Standards, Fives has further developed a technology to address the needs of the current market. This solution is based on a proven industrial technology for conventional cast iron brake disc grinding that has been in production for many decades, with over 130 machines installed worldwide. Our expert engineers have developed new working parameters, in combination with new abrasive wheel specifications, using our current product range, to meet the grinding requirements of the new low particle emission coating material which include quality, performance, and production costs.

In addition, a very strong supply chain, manufacturing and services organization is already in place, thanks to the various Fives facilities worldwide that are equipped to handle increased production needs.

Machine features include:

  • Three block cast iron box structure, designed for a very high stiffness

  • Modular, compact and ergonomic machine design

  • Loading / unloading in idle time

  • Robot or gantry loader solutions available

  • Latest version of numerical commands

  • Process digitalization tools available to drive continuous improvement in grinding operations

  • Intuitive and customizable dashboard interface

  • Customized gauging options available

  • Optimized for reduced energy consumption