We are proud to annouce a full of sense partnership for Fives.

Skipper Louis Duc will be recognizable through the group's colors on his boat, during great international races such as La Route du Rhum or La Transat Jacques Vabre, up to the Vendée Globe, the mythical solo race, planned to start in November 2024.

This partnership constitutes a formidable opportunity to assemble around a beautiful human adventure, but also embark new talents and all of our partners.

We will live these races from the inside, we will experience together a powerful and unifying story, so let's set sails together!

This beautiful adventure in which Fives is engaging started about 15 years ago, thanks to the initiative of one of its branches. This is a real trust relationship, a story that writes itself through time with common values:

  • Environmental impact
  • Technology promotion
  • Innovation
  • Performance
  • Risk management
  • Resilience
  • Combativeness
  • Team spirit
  • ...

The boat and the skipper will be the standard-bearers and voices of Fives Group's values.

We are really happy of FIVES commitment as first partner. It's awesome and precious to have this consistency in our values and your enthusiasm will allow us to navigate serenely to the Vendée Globe.

Louis Duc, skipper

Boldness, authenticity, respect, humor and sharing

Louis Duc has been a professional skipper for about 15 years. This self-made sailor always succeeded to do lots with bits and bobs. Determined, autonomous, authentic and talented, Louis perfectly knows that all things come to those who work and train.

This Norman doesn't really like known paths. Audacious, curious and rational, he knows his life as a race sailor needs strategical and technological challenges to overcome.

In the open sea, he is in his element. A universe he masters and loves to share its delights and infinite open sea navigation subtleties.

On land, he is an entrepreneur. He has the boldness of his ideas and knows how to build a strong team around him to see his projects through. Louis is notably behind the Lift40 design, a novel Class40 that won the last Route du Rhum.

Louis Duc Record

  • Transat Anglaise: 2nd (2016) – 4th (2008)
  • Transat Jacques Vabre: 14th in IMOCA (2021)
  • Class40: 5e (2019) – 3rd (2015) – 9th (2013)
  • Route du Rhum: 18th (damage, 2018) – withdrawal (damage, 2014)
  • Normandy Channel Race: 2nd (2018)
  • Rolex Fasnet Race: 5th (2017)