The Fives – Lantana Environnement skipper crossed the Drheam Cup finish line at 3:10PM this Thursday, after 4 days and 4 nights of an intense race! The contrasting weather conditions of these 1,000 nautical miles between the English Channel, the Celtic Sea and the Atlantic allowed Louis Duc a successful training under real life conditions. Louis also gathered precious data for the following races... Although a mistake during his journey gave the podium to other contestants, the Drheam Cup did not have any sporting stakes for him.
Louis Duc, Fives – Lantana Environnement skipper: "It was a fantastic journey in the style of La Solitaire du Figaro: 4 days and 4 nights, intense, with contrasting weather conditions. 1,000 nautical miles without respite and a lot of sail change, the Celtic Sea, sea traffic, some drastic weather transitions."

Good stuff to participate to this race

"It really was good stuff to participate to this race, as it's a full journey. Moreover, we made 70% before the wind with small to medium weather and some breeze: it allowed to test plenty of setups. I tested quite a few sails, especially according to how the sea was. I learned a lot of things on maneuvering with this boat. I'm really happy for this."
I didn't spare myself
"I didn't spare myself, I was permanently in full race mode, as if challengers were surrounding me. I played that game 100% and I'm happy about that. It allowed me to maneuver for technical and strategical reasons.
There was that one fight with a group of next-generation Class40. Before the wind, they can go fast than me. At the Fastnet, they came really close, the benefited from a transition. If I didn't attack, they would have overtaken me. I was happy to let them at my tail rather than in the front."

A mistake that won't happen ever again
"I learned a lot of things on how to drive the boat and which sail to set. I also learned that up until the very last minute before the start, one must always read the additional clauses from the race organizers. It was my mistake, it won't happen ever again."

Ready for September

"I didn't break anything, but there was already quite a good amount of things on the job-list. We confirmed it along the race. We are conveying tonight to Caen. Next Monday, the boat will be out of the water. Then, the team will take a well-deserved break before starting a technical project around mid-August; the goal is to have, at the beginning of September, a boat that's fully prepared for the Route du Rhum."

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