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Message from
Céline Morcrette, FIVES Human Resources Director
The Group’s

are Fives’

“For over 200 years, the talented people
at FIVES have shaped the world’s industrial history”

While the uncertainties linked to the pandemic are not yet completely behind us, it is undeniable that 2021 was the year of economic recovery. The record order book for 2022 is a testament to the recovery of our activities worldwide. The result of the incredible resilience shown by the group and its employees, these prospects are accompanied by a considerable need to recruit in all business lines. The Human Resources Department therefore spent a large part of 2021 helping the subsidiaries to strengthen their workforces. This joint effort will continue in 2022 to support the Group’s growth and always ensure we achieve operational excellence for our customers.

“Thanks to its employees, FIVES is the
leader in sustainable industrial progress”

Attracting but also retaining talent. The Group’s ability to deal with global upheavals reminds us, as if it were necessary, that its employees are its greatest achievement. Without them, nothing would have been or will be possible.

For over 200 years, the talented people at FIVES have shaped the world’s industrial history. They are responsible for inventing the solutions and technologies that change the world. From the first railway lines to the elevators at the Eiffel Tower and space exploration, FIVES’ employees are key players in some major industrial achievements. For over 200 years, thanks to them, FIVES has been a leader of sustainable industrial progress.

“Every day, in 25 countries, our 8,200 employees create the sustainable solutions the world needs by inventing the technologies of the future.”

As a pioneer in decarbonizing industry, the Group is now the unmistakable leader of the energy transition thanks to its talented staff. Every day, in close to 25 countries, our 8,200 employees create the sustainable solutions the world needs by inventing the technologies of the future. Every day FIVES employees enable industrial companies to optimize their energy efficiency and environmental performance.

“Thanks to them, FIVES is the leader of the industry of the future.”

Every day, they work for a virtuous industry, a cutting-edge industry, a mutually responsible industry, an exciting industry, for all of us.

FIVES is above all a group of passionate women and men, proud to be pioneers and especially proud to push the boundaries. For over 200 years, thanks to these women and men, FIVES has been the leader of the industry of the future.

HR projects


Along with dialogue and development, diversity is one of the three fundamental pillars of the Group’s HR policy. Yet it is difficult to achieve a gender balance for two main reasons:
The low number of female engineering students at university;
The poor appeal of the industrial sector.

The Women@Fives program was launched in early 2021. It has three objectives:

To nurture
the development of women’s careers
and help female employees to take up positions of responsibility within the Group’s organizations
To highlight
their career and skills by giving them a platform to speak
To attract
and recruit other women specifically by relying on this network of female ambassadors

While the proportion of women within the Group has been stable for many years (16% female employees), the recruitment of female talent grew in 2021 compared to the two previous years: 18% of new hires (all contracts) were women; 2% more than in 2020, and 1% more than in 2019. They accounted for 17% of new open-ended contracts in 2021, 3% more than in 2020 (+2% vs. 2019).

Positive momentum

Women@Fives momentum is building at Fives. The program has taken different forms depending on the region of the world: creation of an official community of women to expand their network in the United States, development of a mentoring scheme in China, and promoting Fives professions among female junior high school, high school and university students in Italy and France.
In France, around ten female employees were also able to take part in the Women in Leadership program in 2021 as part of a personalized career path. This program will be repeated during 2022.

“It has been a success, because for progress to be made it is essential that the teams adopt this program and tailor it to the country, depending on their needs and local culture,” confirms Magali Oyono, Group Talent Manager.

In North America, this strategy has yielded positive results: since 2018, Fives has increased its recruitment of women by 5% (compared to the overall recruitment rate).
Finally in this region Fives recruited 22% more women than in 2020 in the “Engineers, Executives and Managers” category - the majority Engineers.

Women@Fives momentum is well under way at Fives. “Our challenge is to continue to welcome even more women to our teams in our core business,” Magali Oyono adds.

For this reason, in 2021:
18% of employees recruited to sales/Pre-Project teams were women;
16% to Project and Services teams; and just 10% to the Design Office.

HR Key
72% of employees have attended training
20% of women in management
17%of men in management
68% of employees reviewed
by the careers management committee
Over150intra-group employee placements
in France

The Fives Disability Unit

Hiring disabled workers is one of the pillars of the FIVES diversity and inclusion policy.
The Group endeavors to step up its actions to improve support for employees with a disability, arrange awareness activities with teams and expand the recruitment of personnel officially recognized as disabled workers.

The Disability Unit launched in November 2021 aims to:
Continually raise awareness among all teams to change their view of disability;
Be more welcoming to employees with a disability;
Recruit, onboard and train employees with a disability, and keep them in the job;
Support them with the official disabled worker recognition process;
Prioritize partnerships with companies in the sector.

The Disability Unit coordinates, promotes and reinforces awareness and support actions at Group level (previously carried out at local level), thanks to its strong network of dedicated representatives - the local Disability Unit advisers.

During European Disability Employment Week from November 15 to 19, 2021, the Group shone the spotlight on some actions implemented in 2021 at sites in France:
Participation in the Integration Awards for Fives Filling & Sealing (Loire Atlantique)
Welcoming a service dog alongside a disabled worker for Fives Cryo (Vosges);
Information on service providers (gardeners, caterers, printing, archiving) employing disabled people (in structures such as ESATs – French organizations that help disabled people back into work) that Fives could potentially use, where possible.