Louis Duc (Fives - Lantana Environnement) is from the Manche department and will be ready for the Drheam Cup, starting on this July 17th. He will be the sole IMOCA on this 1,000 miles course, but being born in Carteret, Louis Duc cannot hide his pleasure to participate to such event; the Drheam Cup puts under the spotlight Cherbourg and his department. The Fives - Lantana Environnement skipper will also benefit from this competition, pushing further his skills.

The Drheam Cup 4th edition will launch on July 17th in Cherbourg. This multi-class trial pits professionals and hobbyists skippers alike on a friendly yet challenging event.
From giant trimarans (the "Ultims"), to IRC (regatta-dedicated serial boats), through Class40, the Ocean Fifty but also the Figaro 3, nearly 130 boats are expected to be in the starting blocks…
Therefore, even of  the Drheam Cup isn't part of the IMOCA class racing calendar, Louis Duc wanted to participate. Here is why.

"I HAD to be there!"

Louis Duc, Fives – Lantana Environnement skipper"As someone from the Manche department, I had to be participating to a race starting in Cherbourg! I am really happy to participate. Even moreso as the Cherbourg port is part of the Vendée Globe partnership club, lending us a spot in the harbour. Also, the Dhream Cup is a beautiful event, participating to the Manche department standing. Even if it means a logistic & technical commitment for us, we have to be here."

Always interesting to sail

Louis will also benefit from this 1,000 miles (1,800 km) race. It goes through the English Channel up to the Celtic Sea, the Fastnet crossing, then goes down to the Charentais coasts before arriving to Trinité-sur-mer, in order to follow preparations for the Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe. 

Louis Duc, Fives – Lantana Environnement skipper: "On the sporting side of things, it's alway interesting to sail, in a solitary race. Even if I am the only IMOCA, there will be boats around me to feel challenged. 
I will pursue the boat discovery, applying everything I learned from the Vendée Arctique but also testing several settings and sail setups. It will allow me to pinpoint what we have to work on later on." 

The final touches before the Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe

As soon as it returns to Normandie at the end of July, the IMOCA Fives – Lantana Environnement will receive technical improvements.

Louis Duc, Fives – Lantana Environnement skipper"We won't go into big work. This summer, we will only touch a few things: setup the last details on electronics, computing, the ropework... just so that the boat gets into perfect conditions to start the Route du Rhum – destination Guadeloupe."

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