D-Day minus 2 for the start of the IMOCA Fives Group 2023 sports season! Louis Duc and Halvard Mabire, the student and the master, will race together for the first time ever during this Guyader Bermudes 1000 Race: a test race that will allow the 2 Normans to evaluate the ship's new potential after the optimization work from this winter. all the while, Halvard's expert eye will check every detail that can be perfected before the Vendée Globe: "I will learn tons of things", smiles our Fives Group skipper.


Cloudy weather, drizzle between the showers, a strong wind from the west: welcome to Brest! The 13 IMOCA-worth fleet on the Guyader Bermudes 1000 Race is ready to run this Friday before the start of 1,200 miles (~2,200km) between Brest, the Fastnet, a waypoint offshore of Cap Finistère and back.

The atmosphere is studious on board of the IMOCA Fives Group: "We are ending the odd jobs and feeling like sailing!", sums up Louis Duc.

Testing the ship's new potential

Louis and his team will have the pleasure to discover their IMOCA's new potential thanks to this first race of the seasons: "We will see what it's able to give compared to other non-foilers. And we will discover the ship itself as we didn't see much still - apart from the conveying."

He's got a shrew eye, he sees everything!

The second goal for this Guyader Bermudes 1000 Race is giving free reins to Halvard in order to inspect the Fives Group IMOCA into its finest details and dig out any possible optimization. "Halvard sets up or optimizes many small systems that will facilitate life during a race. He's got a shrewd eye, he sees everything! He will come back from the race with a hefty joblist! This is some heavy duty work that begins now, with our minds set to the Vendée Globe.
It's wonderful to have someone on board with his expertise, his demanding nature and his lengthy experience. This is good for technical readying as well as strategy and performances. It's allowing us a big boost!"

The kick-off is set on Sunday, 2PM with rather harsh conditions at the beginning, which pleases the Fives Group duo. "We should have wind, it's interesting to know how our customizations will react under these weather conditions."


Word of Normans!

Halvard Mabire: "Do a complete technical checkup"

"We did a lot of structural work on the ship. A very good job by the way. But we still have many small things to do. We get into details, that's important. The goal for this race is to do a complete technical checkup.
I'm discovering the ship as well as the team. We had a few training sessions, but I was mostly focused on the DIY. Then, since I sail with Louis, he's got to take care of everything: If he tells me to turn a string, I turn: it's as simple as that! (laughs)
This race will be interesting to guage ourselves to the competition. We expect a bit of contact. We will see the ship's strengths and weaknesses.
But we should not forget that the main goal is the Vendée Globe. Everything must be tuned toward this single goal in order to hierarchize what remains to do for the Vendée Globe, depending on budget and what is humanly doable."

Louis Duc: "I will learn tons of things!"

"The runs will allow to shake a bit the drifts and see what we have compared to other non-foilers ships. We will rediscover the ship.
It's outstanding to have Halvard on board: technically, it will grant us a big boost! And offshore, he's a killer and clever strategist. I will learn tons of things! It's a real chance to be able to learn from such experience."

A respectuous and circular sporting event

The Fives IMOCA is an "upcycled" boat. Thanks to Louis, it lives a 2nd life!

Louis and his team gave a new life to a very damaged IMOCA because of a fire. This refurbishment undertaking was a real technical challenge... that succeeded in only 10 months!

Louis and his team continue to apply this upcycling principle and optimization research with a constant effort on sobriety throughout this Vendée Globe program.

Louis is also very keen on respecting everyone's work and giving a chance.

The Fives Group, a major partner in this Vendée Globe program, has been seduced by such commitment and values, as it shares the same values and responsibilities.

Fives, your partner for a more virtuous industry

For over 200 years, the Group has designed the breakthrough solutions and technologies that make industry what it is. From the first railways to the Eiffel Tower, through the spatial conquest, Fives always spearheaded the industry of the future. Pioneering decarbonization, the Group is an unconditional partner of the industry's energy transition. Through digitization, the promotion of a circular economy and the development of new processes and new energy sources, Fives puts its technological leadership to its customers' service.