"It's wonderful! I started heading North. I prefered to stay fast rather than juggling between competitors South of the TSS.
It looks like I'm the only one to have
done this, but that's alright. I won't go extreme either. I'll cross the TSS soon enough. I won't go too North, I'll try to behave and have a nice trajectory. It's not my goal to break everything. 

It was a nice regata up unitl Bréhat. Before that, there were a lot of maneuvers. 18 to 20 wind knots at the race start, it was quite rough. 

I'm finishing the cargo rail crossing. There was a quite frightening encounter a bit earlier. 
I was able to sleep between Bréhat and the beginning of the TSS. But it's not the time to go sleep again just now. As soon as I finish that part, I'll luff. 

I'm used to go alone, it's my thing. I'm nonetheless astonished that no one else did the same."

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