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Fives presents its additive manufacturing offer at the Elysée Palace


On May 23, 2016, France's President, François Hollande, and Minister for the Economy, Industry, and Digital Technology, Emmanuel Macron, celebrated the anniversary of the "Nouvelle France Industrielle" (New Industrial France) program. 

In honor of the occasion, several companies were invited to present their innovative technologies at the Elysée Palace. Fives presented the AddUp offer, a full range of additive manufacturing solutions developed in partnership with Michelin through their joint venture Fives Michelin Additive Solutions. The joint venture, founded in 2015, combines the two groups' industrial expertise and experience, with the ambition of becoming a world leader in additive metal manufacturing . 

The event celebrated the initiatives undertaken as part of the "Nouvelle France Industrielle" program, which aims to modernize and transform the French industrial sector, particularly through the use of digital technology. 

Fives has been involved in the project since 2012. Frédéric Sanchez, Chairman of the Fives Executive Board, is currently the honorary co-chairman of the Alliance Industrie du Futur (Industry of the Future Alliance). The Group also leads the "Vitrines technologiques industrie du futur" (Technological showcases for the industry of the future) working group, which has certified six flagship technological projects which are virtually mature on an industrial scale and which demonstrate France's industrial prowess.

3D Printing, the plant of the future


Through July 9, the exhibition "Impression 3D, l’usine du futur" (3D Printing, the plant of the future) at the Lieu du Design (Paris, France) is highlighting the potential of 3D printing, with displays featuring close to a hundred projects from fields including design, the aerospace industry, healthcare, fashion, scientific research, and architecture.

To celebrate this exhibition, the newspaper La Tribune hosted the La Tribune Lab event on May 19, 2016. The event focused on the potential of this unique innovation, at the center of the 4th industrial revolution, which heralds the arrival of a new industrial ecosystem, riding the wave of global digitalization and industry 4.0. 

Karine Gosse, Fives' Director of Digital Development / Industry of the Future was a panelist in a round table which also featured Dorothée Kohler, an Industry 4.0 consultant, and Bernard Charlès, CEO of Dassault Systèmes, during which she discussed how 4.0 is at the heart of the plants of the future. 

Fives : 200 years of history to tell its future

PDF couv 200x200 ENG[1]-FIVES

On May 19, the AFPAP (French Association for the Protection of Private Archives) held its annual conference on the topic of "Companies and their historic archives in the 21st century". 

During the conference, several companies shared their experiences in using their archives to improve the way they talk about their present and to invent their future: Saint-Gobain, Hermès, Renault, Les Galeries Lafayette … and Fives ! 

Céline Morcrette, Fives Communications Director, offered an overview of the history of the Group, which was founded in 1812 and began to build an international presence and develop innovative technologies very early on. The group highlighted its history in 2012, with celebrations for stakeholders worldwide, including customers, employees and suppliers, and the publication of a historic book looking back at "200 years of industrial revolutions". 

Industry 4.0: converging views between France and Germany

bpifrance 2016-FIVES

On March 17, 2016, BPI France and La Fabrique de l’Industrie (a think-tank for the industry) organized an event on the French and German views of Industry 4.0. Germany was the first country to set up an industrial policy focusing on the concept of connected plants, through the launch of a “Indutrie 4.03 program in 2011. In France, digital is at the heart of the program “Alliance Industrie du Futur”. 

On the occasion of this event, alongside other industrial experts from both France and Germany, Karine Gosse, Digital Development Director / Industry of the future at Fives, presented the new business models and organization adopted by the Group to develop digital solutions bringing more flexibility, thus better answering the needs of the industrial sector. 

Fives at MEDEF’s Digital event

medef universite du numerique 2016-FIVES

On March 16, 2016, Frédéric Sanchez, Fives’ Chairman of the Executive Board, spoke at a round table taking place at the Université du Numérique organized by MEDEF, the French Business Confederation.

Alongside executives from Schneider Electric, FIM (Federation of Mechanical Engineering Industries) and Dassault Systèmes, Mr. Sanchez addressed the Alliance Industrie du Futur, of which he is the honorary co-Chairman. This program for the renewal of the French industry has put a focus on digital technologies and supports businesses modernizing their production tool. Mr. Sanchez also evoked the example of Fives. In 2015, the Group positioned itself as a new player in additive manufacturing; this booming technology offers many advantages for producing complex parts.



Fives’ Plants of the Future Observatory: Bel sees the factory of the future as "frugal"

Fives’ Plants of the Future Observatory, a laboratory of ideas on the future of industry founded by Fives in 2012, is still hard at work and held a “Morning Debate” on November 4.

The “Morning Debate” events are regular meetings where a select group of people from industry, institutions, the press, etc. come to hear an industrial expert speak about an initiative being implemented in his factories. This fourth meeting hosted Hubert Mayet, General Manager in charge of Group Manufacturing and Technical Division at Bel, a major global player in the creation, production and sale of cheese. The theme that morning was "The factory of the future will be frugal".

In fact, behind the smile on Laughing Cow® cheese and Bel's 25 other brands lies unique industry know-how that includes both cheese-making knowledge and mechanical expertise. As the Bel Group sees it, industrial excellence is also about continuous improvement in order to reduce its environmental impact. Bel is committed to solving this industrial and technological challenge, mainly by optimizing its production processes.


Pro Pulsion Tour 2015, Fives Industries helps to value the industry trades

Within Fives, Fives Industries, specializing in machining and manufacturing of heavy industrial equipment, hosts the Pro Pulsion Tour 2015 on November 9th, an initiative of the UIMM (Udimétal Nord Pas-de-Calais Centre) to promote the industry trades with the general public.

Through this initiative, Fives Industries continues to work with schoolboys, secondary school students and job seekers to show them all the attractiveness of the industry and the career opportunities it can offer.

All year long, Fives Industries pursues an active policy of openness and involvement in the local economy in order to increase awareness of its industrial activity and its businesses, through partnerships with schools and training organizations and awareness-raising campaigns, in cooperation with the local branches of the UIMM and MEDEF (Movement of the Enterprises of France).

Hosting a stage of the Pro Pulsion Tour next November 9, 2015 at Fives Industries, partner of the UIMM, is part of this desire for openness.


Fives speaks at the 2nd Conference of the French Directorate General for Business (DGE) about the economy's digital transformation

Every year, business leaders gather at the Conference of the French Directorate General for Business (DGE) to address a specific topical theme in an effort to foster discussions on building a united strategic vision for business development.

The second annual conference was held on November 10 to focus on the digital transformation of the economy. Not only is it a driver for growth, but also cause for concern. It affects all business sectors and is already forcing sweeping changes in the services sector and industry. What are the characteristics and challenges of this transformation? What type of guidance can public authorities provide in terms of supporting development and passing regulations?

Michel Dancette, Fives Director of Innovation and Corporate Foresight, joined other members of the public and private business communities and labor unions as they tried to answer these questions at a round table called "Industry of the Future: Using digital technology to guide the transformation of the corporate business model."

Dancette discussed the need for companies to increase their digital technology, which is a real opportunity for building the factory of the future and securing the durability of French industry. The government plays a pivotal role in this transition, mainly through its Industry of the Future program (for which Fives is an honorary co-chair) by helping industrial companies modernize their production resources and take full advantage of new uses for digital technology.


MIDEST: Fives shares its vision for the automotive plant of the future

Bruno Carbonaro, Fives’ Director of the Production Technologies Division, spoke recently at MIDEST, the subcontracting trade show held in Paris on November 17-20, 2015. The conference focused on new ways automakers, equipment manufacturers and subcontractors can work together to improve the way the automotive plant of the future is built.

For the automotive industry, Fives designs and produces machining and grinding machines, fluid filling machines and automation equipment (machining mechanization, mechanical assembly, conveyors for vehicle bodies). 

Carbonaro talked about how the financial crisis had changed the value chain, the landscape and the way automakers, equipment manufacturers and subcontractors are working together. More specifically, the supplier and subcontracting sector is undergoing a shift where machine designers are now co-designing production solutions for carmakers and helping optimize processes.

Furthermore, Fives presented its ultimate and pioneering solutions for subcontracting projects on its booth at the MIDEST (mechanical welding, machining installation, shot blasting and painting, assembly and services such as repairs and testing operations). 

logo world efficiency-FIVES

Fives addresses the topic of the industry of the future and energy efficiency at the World Efficiency trade show

The World Efficiency trade show was held on October 13-15, 2015. This event is meant to bring together existing and emerging solutions and know-how for resources and the climate that provide alternatives to current economic models.

As part of this event, Michel Dancette, Head of Innovation and Corporate Insight at Fives, participated to a conference dedicated to “Industry of the future and energy efficiency”, along with other stakeholders of this subject (ADEME, Mines ParisTech, ARF, Socomec). Various topics ware at the heart of the discussion, such as: energy efficiency of the industry, present and future technologies to reach this objective, new lines of research, as well as support for SMEs wanting to initiate change. Mr. Dancette highlighted the existing and future technologies that reshuffle the cards for the industrial sector and create new opportunities to meet the challenge of climate change and energy transition.

Visuel-Formidable-jeunesse medef-FIVES

Fives invited by FIM for the MEDEF Summer University

FIM - Federation of Mechanical Industries - has been put in the spotlight during the 2015 edition of the MEDEF (Movement of the Enterprises of France) Summer University (Jouy-en-Josas, France), where a booth presented the leading role of mechanics in the Industry of the Future. Visitors discovered animations and machines that prefigure factories of the future, such as a robot, an exoskeleton, the prototype of the artificial heart, and an additive manufacturing machine.

Fives was involved in this event by taking part to a round table organized on August 27 on the theme "Man, machine and the factory ", which brought together three speakers from different backgrounds: Michel Dancette , Innovation and Corporate Foresight Director at Fives, the philosopher Vincent Cespedes and the economist Francis Kramarz . They discussed the couple man-machine, the place of man in the factory or tomorrow, as well as new technologies in the factory, which contribute to its attractiveness, especially among young people.

LETI en tete programme 24juin-FIVES

How the IoT is dramatically changing industry

On June 25, 2015, Fives participated to the 2015 edition of the « LETI Days Grenoble ». This annual event is organized by CEA-Leti to explore the technology landscape and the expectations of future markets.

During two days, experts gathered to discuss the topic of the Internet of Things and the linked opportunities and challenges for final users (in healthcare, transportation, homes) as well as their environment (infrastructures, telecommunications, cities, etc.) – and, of course, the industry. 

Michel Dancette, Fives’ Innovation and Corporate Insight Director, focused on digital technologies and how they are going to upset industrial processes. They can also meet the challenges of the factory of the future in terms of economic, environmental and social performance. 

Fives matins observatoire 2015-FIVES

Fives Observatory: At Evian, the factory of the future will be “integrated”

On Wednesday 10 June, the 3rd edition of the Observatory’s Morning Debates welcomed Mr Stéphane Dupays, Director of Grand Evian (Danone) to discuss the subject of "integrated" factories. 

This regular event - two Debates were held in 2014 - brings out forty Fives stakeholders to meet an industrial expert, who presents an initiative or specific thought about an aspect of the plant of the future.

The Evian factory is undergoing a major transformation, which started in 2011 and will end in 2018, without halting production. The project, which originally arose from a problem translated into an opportunity and has been undertaken in cooperation with the stakeholders, illustrates the characteristics of an integrated factory. 

Humankind and the digital challenge

Every year, business leaders committed to modern business practices and developments are invited to attend an evening event entitled "Questions for Medium-sized Businesses" at the Collège des Bernardins (Paris, France). 

Held on Wednesday, 10 June 2015, this event brought together several representatives from medium-sized companies including  Mr. Michel Dancette, Head of Innovation and Corporate Foresight at Fives, to discuss the theme "Humankind and the digital challenge ". 

Before an audience of medium-sized business leaders, Mr. Dancette gave examples of how digital technologies could lead to a production revolution. Digital technologies will help tomorrow's plants respond to challenges by becoming more flexible: better connected plants can adapt more quickly to fluctuating demands and variable production conditions, optimize their performance - notably in terms of the environment - and create better working conditions for operators; this theme was covered in more depth in a second round table session.

Fives Bercy Financements Export 2015-FIVES

Fives partnering with its clients for their international projects

On March 17, 2015, The French Ministry for Economy organized the event « Bercy Financements Export » for professionals in the sector of export project financing (exporters, banks, credit insurers). Roundtables and testimonies of professionals from both the public and private sectors allowed to present the latest trends and stakes of export financing; this was also the occasion to present the 2015 credit insurance policy.

Mr. Jean-Marie Caroff, Fives’ Head of International Development, presented the Group’s approach, which is quite original. At Fives, the Department for International Development is at the heart of the commercial action, prior to the start of the project: Fives positions itself as the client’s strategic partner by accompanying him in the analysis of the available options for financing its investment project. 

Over the past 15 years, Fives reinforced its international presence through major acquisitions and the opening of representation offices in Asia, Russia, Latin America and the Middle-East. Today, more that 85% of Fives’ sales are generated outside of France, for projects developed all over the world.

Fives usine du futur affiche small site-FIVES

The work in the factory of the future under discussion at the ENS Cachan

What will be the consequences of the technological transformation of the factory on workers, how will it impact the nature of their work and their motivation? The ENS Cachan (a prestigious French public institution of higher education and research) raises the debate on March 19-20, 2015, inviting personalities from different backgrounds to cross their views. Michel Dancette, Fives’ Head of Innovation & Corporate Insight, will provide expertise and share several examples of reorganization of work, which were conducted at Fives or its customers.

The conference, which aims to initiate a collective reflection on this issue, will focus on three themes: the content and organization of work, the impact of digital technologies on the work and the commitment of operators, and the notion of work in the factory of the future.

Fives conference ADEME 2015-FIVES

New industrial models discussed at a conference organized by La Fabrique de l’Industrie

The French Agency of the Environment and Energy Management (ADEME) organizes on March 18-19 in Marseille its 1st Symposium on energy performance in the industry.

Industry contributes to substantial energy consumption, representing 1/4 of the national final energy consumption and 1/3 of the electricity consumption. Controlling consumption and improving energy efficiency in the industry represent major challenges, both on environmental issues for the industry as on competitive aspects.

On the occasion of this conference, representatives of the industry, but also a sociologist, an expert in digital, etc., will exchange their views on this topic. Among them, two representatives of Fives:

  • Louis Ricci, Fives Pillard’s R&D Director, will present the eco-design approach applied to the Pillard NovaFlam to testify on the subject of strengthening the competitiveness of the industrial offer thanks to the development of eco-efficient industrial equipment;
  • Michel Dancette, Innovation and Insight Director, will present the "Factories of the Future" initiatives in which Fives is involved (Fives Observatory for the plants of the Future and the Plan 34 launched by the French government).

New industrial models discussed at a conference organized by La Fabrique de l’Industrie

On 12 Feb 2015, Michel Dancette, Innovation and Corporate Foresight Director of Fives, attended the 13th Fabrique du Futur (factory of the future) conference in Paris focusing on the topic of new industrial models. In the presence of Mr Louis Gallois, several speakers from the industrial and research sectors dealt with a transformation affecting the industry: the invention of alternative models such as the circular economy, the impact of new and digital technology, and the commitment of employees and other stakeholders to inventing the factory of tomorrow.


Fives news eco design initiatives-FIVES

Fives presents its Eco-design Initiatives

The meeting was led by France de Baillenx, FIM environmental director, and Jean-Camille Uring, FIM vice president in charge of sustainable development and member of the Fives Executive Board. Alongside other industrialists, Mr. Uring presented Fives’ initiatives aimed at minimizing the environmental footprint of both the Group and its clients, industrial groups from all sectors. A particular focus was placed on Engineered Sustainability®, a program aimed at reinforcing environmental performance of products developed by Fives.

At Fives, environmental performance is a real motor for innovation:

  • 30% of R&D expenditure goes toward projects in the field. 
  • Environmental performance accounts for 50% of new patents. 

(*) Fédération des Industries Mécaniques

Fives events forum des projets industriels 2014-FIVES

The closing debate of the Industrial Projects Forum organised by the UIMM (French Metallurgical Industry Union) from Lyon

At the initiative of Fives Intralogistics, Michel Dancette, Innovation & Corporate Insight Director, participated in the closing debate of the Industrial Projects Forum organised by the UIMM (French Metallurgical Industry Union) from Lyon on 25 September 2014.

Alongside Olivier Leteurtre, CEO of Dassault Systèmes EuroWest, Mr Dancette was invited to debate on the industry issues of the future: virtualisation, reorganisation of the logistics chain, man's place in the factory, energy savings, new materials, additive manufacturing... The debate was led by an actor playing the role of Marium Berliet, founder of the eponymous automotive company at the turn of the 20th Century. This entertaining format encouraged very enriching exchanges with the audience, mainly made up of manufacturers from the Rhône-Alpes region.

Fives 2014 Paris region winner entrepreneur of the year-FIVES

Fives - the 2014 Paris region winner of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Prize!

On 9 September 2014, Fives was selected from a pool of 120 candidates to win the EY* Entrepreneur of the Year Prize for the Paris region.

Over the past 22 years, this annual prize has recognized "companies that drive the economy and our society, which stand out thanks to their talent and daring, and which are driven by a passion to create, grow and share."

At the awards ceremony, Mr. Sanchez summed up the rich history of Fives, a group started by an engineer-cum-entrepreneur. Mr. Sanchez also recognized employees’ massive contribution to Fives' success; individuals whose entrepreneurial spirit helps to develop machines and innovative solutions for automobile, aeronautic, logistics and cement plants, steel mills, aluminium smelters, etc. around the world.

Fives was one of the very few companies nominated in the industrial sector; the 5 other prizes were awarded to companies mainly focused on digital technology. It was an opportunity for Frédéric Sanchez to remind everyone of the importance of believing in French industry and the need to ensure that it has the resources to realize its full potential notably by focusing on innovation to build the factories and plants of tomorrow, which must embrace digital technologies.  

On 13 October, Fives will be competing to win the national prize alongside 6 other regional winners before - fingers crossed - going on to the international rounds!

*EY (Ernst & Young) is one of the world leaders in the corporate services sector (auditing, consulting, tax and law, transactions).


France - Chine : 50 years of cooperation

In 2014, France and China celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations, cooperation and friendship. Throughout the year, the two countries will be celebrating their privileged relationship with a number of events and a programme that will be representative of the dynamism of their exchanges, particularly in the areas of business, research, innovation, technology, training and culture.

Together with other French companies that enjoy strong links with China, Fives will be taking part in these events through the France-China Committee, whose purpose is to encourage economic dialogue between the two countries. The 20th Franco-Chinese economic forum was held in Beijing from 1 to 3 July and was attended by business leaders and officials from both countries who took part in an exchange of views on the economic ties that bind them. 

Fives will also be visible through a communication campaign to promote French technological expertise to Chinese public authorities and business leaders: “So French, so innovative”.

Fives in China:

  • Projects since the end of the 1890s (delivery of locomotives and bridges).
  • The first sales office opened in 1996 in Beijing.
  • Around 500 employees to date.  
26 Mars 2014 Elysée Signature WISCO Fives Hollande-FIVES

Fives and Wisco signed a cooperation agreement at the Elysee Palace, during the official visit of Xi Jinping, the Chinese President

On Wednesday 26 March, during the official visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping, Frédéric Sanchez, Chairman of the Board of Fives, and Qilin Deng, Chairman of Wisco, China's third largest steel group, were received at the Elysee Palace to sign a sizeable cooperation agreement. 

This cooperation agreement will initially lead to the creation of a production joint venture in China and to the signing of a contract to supply a steel production line dedicated to the automobile industry. The agreement is one of the major Franco-Chinese agreements signed last week in the presence of Presidents François Hollande and Xi Jinping. Most of these agreements are trade agreements and are reported to represent a total of € 18 billion.

Grands Debats2-FIVES

"The Great Debates"

As part of the reflection initiated in 2012 with the launch of Fives’ Observatory for the Plants of the Future, Fives organizes on Friday, December 13, 2013 an event that will bring together experts and decision makers of industry and innovation around the question "Plants of the Future, threats or hopes? "

Two round tables are on the agenda, focusing on the following themes "Men and plants, essentially subjective relations?" and "Nomadic plants, plants in kit, 3D printing: what plants look like tomorrow? ".

Luc Ferry, philosopher and writer, former Minister of Education and Research, will deliver the closing speech.


Frederic Sanchez32-FIVES

Les Assises de l'industrie 2013

Alongside other entrepreneurs, Frederic Sanchez, Chairman of Fives participated to a roundtable discussion on November 6, 2013 focusing on the topic "China and after? What opportunities in Asia?”. 

This event, « Assises de l’Industrie » (« Building blocks for Industry ») was organized by the magazine L'Usine Nouvelle.

M-Dancette 20-FIVES

Environment and Industry

On October 15, 2013, at the Maison de la Chimie, Mr. Michel Dancette, Head of Innovation and Prospective at Fives, participated to a round table as part of the conference "Environment and Industry". 

This event was jointly organized by EpE (Entreprises pour l’Environnement), La Fabrique de l’Industrie et INERIS (Institut National de l’environnement industriel et des risques).