Fives to celebrate Innovation and the future of the Industry within the “So French, So Innovative” campaign

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On November 4, in the region of Shanghai, Fives will celebrate innovation within the campaign « So French, So innovative ».

Celebrating French innovation in China

On November 4, in the region of Shanghai, Fives will celebrate innovation within the campaign « So French, So innovative », an initiative which is part of the France Technology campaign, aimed at celebrating 50 years of French-Chinese diplomatic relations and supported by more than 40 companies partnering this event, including Fives.

Events to discover Fives from the inside 

An event to promote all facets of French technological innovation 

Throughout 2014, the two countries will celebrate their privileged relationship with a number of events and a program that is representative of the dynamism of their exchanges, particularly in the areas of business, research, innovation, technology, training and culture. 

From November 1 to 15, the French Innovation Festival – orchestrated by the Comité France Chine - allows to discover French technology through open days by French companies to their Chinese business premises. On this occasion, Fives will be involved in two events:

  • A review of current thinking on the future of plants and the industry, a topic on which Fives is deeply involved, both through its activities of designing industrial plants and its Observatory for the plants of the future.

  • An Open Day at Fives Cryo Suzhou
    This facility was created in 2009. It is specialized in brazed heat exchangers and cold boxes manufacturing. Fives Cryo Suzhou employs close to 200 people and is located in Taicang, 50 km away from Shanghai.

Innovation at the heart of Fives’ model of growth

Fives: Developing process technologies that support industrial innovations, all over the world

Founded in 1812, Fives services many industrial sectors (steel, cement, aluminium, logistics, automobile, etc.) that face increasing challenges, notably in terms of competitiveness and environmental impact; the Group develops pioneering and ultimate performance technologies that support customer innovation. In 2013, Fives invested more than € 21m in Research & Development and had 1,784 patents in force.

Today’s developments will undeniably shape the plants of the future; tomorrow’s plants will have to be more respectful of the environment, smarter, more flexible and more integrated. To further develop the thinking on the future of the industry, in 2012, Fives launched its Observatory for the Plants of the future. This think-tank is committed to initiating an open discussion about the industry of tomorrow and the plants of the future and to disseminate these views to public. Further info can be found at www.plantsof, including the results of a survey on French & Chinese attitudes to industrial plants.

Indeed, Fives has been a long-term partner to Chinese industry, with projects delivered as soon as the 1890s (locomotives, bridges, etc.). Its Beijing office was created in 1996, and the company today employs close to 500 people in the country, serving the automotive, steel, aluminium, cement and glass industries as well as the sugar and energy sectors.