Human Resources

Céline Morcrette,

Human Resources Director

2020 has tested organizations and their employees, calling more than ever on their capacity for resilience. Fives' teams have been able to demonstrate their responsiveness and flexibility, and to adapt in this exceptional context, while continuing to build the Fives of tomorrow.

Overcoming the shock, getting organized to deal with a new reality

In the face of the pandemic, part of Fives teams focused on the operational management of the crisis, with the priority of protecting the health of people working for and with Fives, in a wide variety of situations (geographical, office/workshop).

New working methods have been implemented (teleworking, remote customer assistance, etc.) thanks to the recent deployment of a common platform and collaboration tools, but also to the support of management teams in implementing the measures best suited to their health and operational situation.

At the same time, new tools have been developed to promote information sharing, to bring the corporate culture to life, and to strengthen ties that had been weakened by confinement and remote working. The Group has multiplied its internal communication initiatives, based on a digital ecosystem: a new Group intranet, regular animation of a corporate social network, and management communication through videos, written messages and webinars.

Continuing to build the exciting industry of tomorrow

In a context where the urgency of the situation has shifted priorities, the HR teams have nevertheless continued their in-depth work on supporting and developing talent within the Group. The CEDREs (Human Resources Evaluation and Development Committees) were held to assess the contribution and potential of each employee and implement appropriate action plans (training, coaching, co-development, etc.). A project is currently underway to optimize these action plans in order to formalize career paths and associated training programs, so as to provide faster and better support for employee development and the evolution of talent.

In addition, in 2020, the emphasis was placed on diversity and actions aimed at talent of women, to support and encourage them to take up positions at all levels of the organization.


8,047 employees
18% of women in management
79 nationalities
63% of employees having attended training

Training employees, for today and tomorrow

The Group is continuing to consolidate the Fives Leadership Factory by integrating training cycles related, for example, to digital technology, transformation and change management, in order to support employees and managers in the challenges of today and tomorrow.

While respecting the autonomy of its Subsidiaries, Fives has qualified and centralized a training offer aimed at developing a common Group culture for all its employees, particularly on key subjects such as leadership, management, diversity, security and cybersecurity; on this last theme, for example, the Group has developed its own modules to raise awareness among all its employees.

E-learning makes it possible to broaden the range of courses offered, both qualitatively and quantitatively, while giving employees the opportunity to pace their training program. The context of the year 2020 has accelerated the availability of new training courses, including in the form of virtual classes.