Process Technologies

Sébastien Gauguier

President of the Aluminium Division

In 2020, we were able to support our customers to continue their industrial activities thanks to our accelerated innovation, notably in the field of digital technology, combined with the involvement of our teams and real proximity with our customers through our service Subsidiaries.

Fives’ Aluminium Division specializes in designing and supplying process equipment and complete installations to produce primary aluminium. Alongside this, Fives has developed a range of equipment and associated services to meet the higher standards and needs of customers in terms of performance, product quality, environmental footprint and cost savings.

In an environment marked by the sanitary crisis leading to a significant decline in global demand, notably in the automotive and aeronautics industries, Fives' Aluminium activity declined significantly. Aluminium stock surplus did not encourage industrial investment.

The events of 2020 represented a sizable challenge for engineering and service teams, which used new working methods to ensure continuity of projects and services. Thanks to remote assistance and collaborative tools, a virtual presence on site could be ensured, and complex tasks continued to be handled in close collaboration with customers.  All over the world, Fives experts rallied to help aluminium producers to operate their facilities and to maintain their production with various remote maintenance services: inspection and receipt acceptance of equipment, assistance with installing new tools on overhead cranes, commissioning installations in real-time, audits, monitoring modernization projects, inspection and assistance with equipment start-up.




Remote preparation to modernize an FTC in Oman

Sohar Aluminium wanted to increase its capacity, which required a 48-hour shutdown ofdowntime at the Fume Treatment Center. This step was carefully prepared with several months of studies and remote monitoring, which required significant collaboration with the customer and a very inventive approach by Fives experts.
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Remote audit of a Pitch Fume Treatment Center

Fives environmental experts supported and trained the customer’s teams to guarantee that their center runs smoothly. They worked to carry out an audit and the training requested by the customer, with the support of a local representative for measurements, general inspection and coordination.

New success for the Back2School training program

The 2020 edition of Back2School, organized for the first time online, brought together 175 participants from 11 different countries on a virtual platform over three days. Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) was the exclusive sponsor. This event aimed to improve knowledge and skills on Fives Aluminium equipment.

Refurbishment of overhead cranes in Bahrain

Supported by a foundation of unique and comprehensive services dedicated to aluminium smelters in the Middle East, the teams carried out major repairs on the Pot Tending Machines, and extended their life span by 10 years. The perfect coordination between the teams, in France and Bahrain, allowed these actions to be carried out in a very short time frame.

The Fives anode baking curing technology acclaimed by customers

After engineering studies, Fives will provide a Canadian producer with equipment from its Helios solution, which allows clean and efficient combustion thanks to an optimized injection system, for a

Recognized expertise in all-industry lifting equipment

In Quebec, Fives modernized an overhead crane dating from 1988 and equipped with three lifting units for one of the largest paper manufacturers in the world. In Ontario, in addition to supplying five overhead cranes for several sites of a major steelmaker, Fives signed a three-year service contract covering all its plants.
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Using production data to optimize maintenance

The Fives Aluminium Division is fully committed to its digital transformation, to better support its customers and tackle the challenges of the pandemic. Beyond simple use of connected devices, remote assistance is also about adding value to production, which is accompanied by secure IT technologies, but also expertise thanks to access to relevant information.

Fives has established a partnership with the Trimet plant in St Jean de Maurienne to test SMARTCrane, its equipment maintenance assistance tool, which provides continual real-time data. This partnership helps deploy a custom tool which meets customer needs.

Based on a network of Fives Aluminium experts worldwide, with over 200 people dedicated to the service, and Fives workshops where spare part production continued in 2020, aluminium producers were able to optimize operations and continue to produce aluminium in the best conditions.

Alain Cordonnier

Deputy General Manager, President of the Cement #&# Minerals Division

In a rapidly changing industrial environment (new players, new challenges), Fives has reiterated its commitment to institutions and its customers, to improve their processes and the energy and environmental performance of their facilities.

Fives' Cement #&# Minerals Division offer ranges from design to supply and the turnkey installation of process equipment, grinding workshops and complete cement lines, plus the associated services. Fives offers technologies at the heart of the process: crushing, grinding, classification, drying, pyroprocessing, filtration and gaz treatment.

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly affected the cement sector from Q1 2020, leading to a 20% decline in global cement production compared to 2019. The gradual recovery of economic activities and the resilience of some markets, thanks to cement prices being maintained and the decline in costs (notably energy) helped limit the decline in global production to between -4 and -5% on average over the year. Geopolitical uncertainties and production overcapacity also failed to encourage new investments by producers which, with the exception of some regional players, have suspended or delayed their investments pending better visibility.

Alongside this, and in view of reinforced regulations to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint, new investment strategies have emerged amongst cement producers to seek solutions to reduce their emissions and carbon footprint, and limit their exposure to CO2 quotas.

That is why the Division’s projects are focused on grinding workshops, notably in Central America where Fives FCB won two new contracts, equipment projects in Europe and Brazil, or clay activation projects in France.

Regarding projects in progress, teams have continued work at sites in Hidalgo and Lagunas (Mexico), Chlef (Algeria) and Portes-lès-Valence (France).



New FCB Horomill® grinding workshop in Mexico

Already well established in Mexico, Fives won a new FCB Horomill® grinding workshop project with a regional player, which sees Fives as a top partner to continue its development in the construction materials sector.

Successful commissioning of the Chlef cement plant

In early March, the new 6,000 tpd clinker production line, delivered by the Group to E.C.D.E (GICA Group), produced its first clinker; 36 hours after start-up, the kiln system, equipped with FCB Zero-Nox Preca, FCB Kiln and Pillard NovaFlam® technologies, reached nominal capacity.


Fives FCB becomes a “French Recycling Equipment Maker”

In September, the TEAM2 circular economy competitiveness cluster awarded Fives FCB the “French Recycling Equipment Maker” label. This label specifically recognized the FCB Rhodax® crusher that can be used to recover demolition concrete, and thus significantly reduce the CO2 emissions of the cement industry.

FCB TSV™ Classifier separator performance recognized

Thanks to the recognized performance of its 3rd generation separator, Fives was selected by Ramco Cements to modernize its two raw grinding stations at its site in Tamil Nadu (India) and Vesuvius S.A. (Pty) Ltd to improve its coal crushing workshop in South Africa.


Fives reiterates its commitment

After joining the World Cement Association as a founding member and partner one year ago, Fives was reappointed as Vice-Chair of the “Technology and Innovation” committee, which aims to promote top technologies to support cement makers in their journey towards a more efficient and sustainable industry.


Continued support for customers during the pandemic

Over 70 maintenance projects and operations were completed in 2020. Fives has demonstrated its technical support capacities yet again:
- Local presence, as close as possible to plants,
- Remote diagnosis, with a direct link to control rooms,
- Competent and multilingual teams in all time zones.

Fives commits to reducing the cement industry’s carbon emissions 

Now a major environmental issue, climate action requires a reduction in CO2 emissions. This objective is a core priority of Fives customers, notably cement producers.

Fives’ willingness to support the cement industry with eco-responsible technologies is reflected in its commitment to institutions like the European Cement Research Academy, the World Cement Association or the TEAM2 competitiveness cluster, which have made sustainable development and reduced carbon footprint their mission.

Alongside this, a significant portion of Fives R#&#D relates to the development of processes to reduce emissions, maximize the use of alternative fuels and produce alternative materials to traditional cement.

Fives is proud to support cement producers by proposing solutions offering the best performance in terms of product quality, energy efficiency and low CO2 emissions: FCB Horomill® grinding workshop, clay activator, FCB Rhodax® for concrete recycling, etc.

Frédéric Thrum

Deputy General Manager, President of the Energy Division

The Energy Division has demonstrated its resilience, engagement and ingenuity to keep operating during the pandemic and fulfill its commitments. Expansion of the combustion offer in India and China via synergies is a strong area of development, as well as the digitalization of services and our advances in cryogenics and hydrogen.

Within the Energy Division, Fives designs, supplies and maintains equipment in:

  • Combustion: combustion systems, burners, furnaces and flares under the names ITAS, North American and Pillard for multiple industries including cement, energy, steel, aluminium, minerals and the oil and gas industries.
  • Cryogenics: heat exchangers, cool boxes and Cryomec® cryogenic pumps for gas and air separation, natural gas processing, LNG, petrochemicals and hydrogen.
  • Sugar and electricity co-generation: Cail #&# Fletcher process lines and equipment.
  • In addition to these three activities, expertise in high-tech industrial piping, Piping Solutions: engineering, manufacturing, assembly and maintenance.

Opportunities for development and growth despite the pandemic

Combustion experienced a slowdown of works on site, but accelerated the development of solutions with lower emissions to reduce our customers’ environmental footprint: Pillard NOVAFLAM® Evolution in cement, ITAS Ductflame for hot air generators and the EcoFornax™ ultra-low NOx burner range.

Cryogenics had a strong activity for exchangers and pumps, notably in Asia in the industrial gas liquefaction market. In India, Fives teams implemented a strict sanitary protocol to finish the installation of five cold boxes for the most important ethylene production capacity. It will be started up in late 2021.

The Fives Energy | Sugar business line successfully completed the delivery of process equipment for the Kristall crystallization workshop in Kirsanov, Russia.

Finally, for Piping Solutions, the activity evened out for the year with excellent performance in the general industry and nuclear sectors. 2020 also marked the launch of the "Académie Fives Nordon", a training organization focused on the metallurgy business.



A cold box built in record time

To meet the requirements of its customer Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd, Fives successfully tackled the challenge of building a cold box in three months, halving the usual time frames for a project of this scale. The cold box will be the heart of a natural gas processing complex in Saudi Arabia.
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Cryomec® pumps supplied for an air separation unit (ASU)

The contract won by Fives includes the design and commissioning of 13 centrifugal cryogenic pumps, Cryomec® LABS and Cryomec® NLL, for an ASU under construction. Located in the economic area of Lingang, China, it will be up and running in 2022 with an oxygen production capacity of over 2,000 tons per day.
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The low emissions of Fives solutions make all the difference

A Spanish boiler manufacturer chose Fives for its technical solutions to limit NOx emissions and meet its expectations. Fives will equip three boilers with four dual Pillard LONOxFLAM® G2 burners each. These boilers will be installed in a petrochemical complex in Russia.

Fives furnaces are at the heart of a steel plant in the USA

To support the growth of a major American steel provider, Fives will supply 4 car bottom furnaces, all using its North American Tempest® DMC Ultra Low NOx technology. The range of Tempest® burners is known for its exceptional temperature uniformity, and Ultra Low NOx emissions. It is adapted to a wide spectrum of industries.

Fives takes part in the upgrade of Kaset Phol Sugar (KSP)

For the Thai sugar producer owned by Mitsui & Co., Ltd #&# Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd., Fives supplied to its Chinese partner and the project manager, Guangxi Construction Engineering Group N°1 Installation Co., Ltd, 19 FC1300HC continuous centrifugals, carried out engineering studies for six continuous vacuum pans and commissioned the equipment on site.


Fives successfully replaces taps at the Chinon nuclear power plant

During a nuclear power plant outage, 30 Fives employees replaced eight taps and carried out lifting operations for parts weighing up to 250 kg. Fives’ intervention, which was a condition to restarting electricity production, was completed two days ahead of schedule, with the customer’s congratulations.

The "Académie Fives Nordon" for metallurgy business

A certified training organization, the "Académie Fives Nordon" supports its customers to refresh and improve their employees’ skills. Training is developed and provided by Fives trainers, experts in their skill areas: welding, pipework, inspection, safety, support and anchoring, etc.
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Accelerating service digitalization to optimize the customer experience

In 2020, the travel restrictions and difficulties accessing customer sites led to the widespread roll-out of remote maintenance, notably thanks to connected glasses. Webinars were organized to train local operators and remain close to customers.

The Fives Connect customer portal is now available for online ordering and payment of spare parts for Cryomec® pumps. Users can also access information on their equipment.

A new service (Fives Cryosens) was also developed to monitor and analyze heat exchanger operation and predict maintenance needs.

In Sugar, the teams continue to digitalize their services offer to optimize management of their customers' installed base.

Finally, new digital tools combining innovation, data acquisition and artificial intelligence are being deployed at Piping Solutions to improve project management.


Guillaume MEHLMAN

Deputy General Manager, President of Steel #&# Glass Division

I am proud of the fact we managed to stay our course and all we have achieved in 2020, despite the odds. We signed new contracts, delivered equipment, took care of our people in the field, and served our customers with strength, determination and resilience. I’m positive we will rebound in the steel, tube and glass sectors in the short term.

Achieving a series of firsts, despite all the odds

2020 was a year like no other for all our businesses. Despite the impediments of the pandemic, we managed to win contracts to supply new reheating furnaces to Çolakoğlu in Turkey and Cognor in Poland, as well as to revamp reheating furnaces at JSW Steel in India and at CELSA in France and Spain. An important contract for our breakthrough digital technology – intelligent integrated quality management system – was signed with AS Terni in Italy to manage product and process quality in real time.

We continued to provide our technologies for high-end markets, such as electrical motors, and were contracted to supply strip processing lines for production of highly demanding silicon steel in China.

Our tube mill orders stayed high, with contracts from all our customers in Europe and the Americas, as well as several orders for straightening machines in India.

We also secured a number of pre-engineering studies for several projects, including a float glass line in Brazil.

Winning contracts in a pandemic is one thing, delivering on them is something else. We had to manage a new set of complex sanitary and mobility constraints on a daily basis. As manufacturing activities were impacted by the crisis, our supply chain teams were able to develop a number of counter-measures to ensure timely delivery of our equipment, such as those for a large-size reheating furnace in Russia, as well as tube mills and finishing equipment into the USA and Russia.

Our field engineers also commissioned two new galvanizing lines in the USA and achieved a major industrial first by putting into service our new non-oxidizing Wet FlashCooling® technology enabling the production of ultra-advanced high-strength steels. Our teams also overcame border restrictions and quarantines in order to commission a number of cold rolling mills for stainless and silicon steels in China.


Integrated product qualification system for stainless steel

AS Terni has entrusted Fives with a project to manage the quality within its flat production facility in Italy. Fives has proposed a digital solution – EyeronTM – an integrated product qualification system that acquires plantwide data to assess and grade products in real time providing operators an overall view of product quality.

First coil at SDI’s new continuous galvanizing line in the USA

Fives, together with Steel Dynamics Columbus (SDI), successfully produced the first coil with a new continuous galvanizing line at their Columbus facility (Mississippi, USA). The project involved equipment delivery from several countries experiencing different forms of lockdown, namely France, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, Mexico and the USA.

DMS 20Hi EcoMill to process GIGA steel at POSCO

POSCO contracted Fives for its reversible cold rolling DMS 20Hi EcoMill to process GIGA steel - Ultra Advanced High Strength Steel and TWIP. The monobloc mill design will enable the processing of the highest strength steel at wide thickness for automotive applications and will make POSCO’s new mill the strongest reversible cold rolling mill ever.

Orders for Bronx straighteners to process bars and tubes

An Indian state company placed several orders for Bronx straighteners to process bars and tubes at its two facilities in Telangana and Rajasthan. “They knew the name – as they have been using one of our machines since the 1980s – but what stood out to the customer is the technical advances of our machines,” says Peter Clarke at Fives Bronx Ltd. 371

Commissioning of Masteel’s revamped galvanizing line

Fives successfully revamped a continuous galvanizing line (CGL #1) to produce new quality coated products for construction and appliance applications. The project faced a double challenge: integration of the new furnace with a heat recovery system into the existing line and design of the specific equipment to meet new coating requirements.

Start-up of Xinyu’s new silicon steel mill in record time

Fives designed, manufactured, supplied and commissioned in record time a DMS 20Hi cold rolling mill with an annual capacity of 100,000 tonnes to process silicon steel for a very demanding application, such as electric car motors. 79 cold tests were performed with remote assistance, while commissioning was executed just in four months.

Fives received industrial recognition as Technology Provider of the Year

Fives was honoured by Fastmarkets Global Awards for Steel Excellence, receiving industrial recognition in two categories. This  prestigious acknowledgement identifies world-class innovations and excellence for companies throughout the steel industry.

Winner - Technology Provider of the Year

Fives received the award as a Technology Provider of the Year for its ground-breaking heat treatment technologies - FlashCooling®, ultra-rapid cooling for advanced high-strength steel, and CELES EcoTransFlux™, high power transverse flux induction for rapid heating cycles - as well as for a real-time quality management system Eyeron™ which provides full traceability of all process steps and quality events from the melt shop through the cold rolling and processing lines. Those technologies enable steel makers to improve operational efficiency and increase the quality of finished products.

Winner (Joint Award) - Information Technology Services Provider

As a collaborative initiative, Fives and Marcegaglia developed the SmartLine, a fully automatic strip processing line control system based on predictive modelling, which was commissioned at Marcegaglia’s continuous galvanizing line in Ravenna, Italy. Find out more

Fives received the award as a Technology Provider of the Year for its ground-breaking heat treatment technologies - FlashCooling®, ultra-rapid cooling for advanced high-strength steel, and CELES EcoTransFlux™, high power transverse flux induction for rapid heating cycles - as well as for a real-time quality management system Eyeron™ which provides full traceability of all process steps and quality events from the melt shop through the cold rolling and processing lines. Those technologies enable steel makers to improve operational efficiency and increase the quality of finished products.

Winner (Joint Award) - Information Technology Services Provider

As a collaborative initiative, Fives and Marcegaglia developed the SmartLine, a fully automatic strip processing line control system based on predictive modelling, which was commissioned at Marcegaglia’s continuous galvanizing line in Ravenna, Italy. Find out more