Transversal activities

Martin Duverne

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

The combination of the industry expertise of Fives’ Maintenance teams and our innovative digital technologies make the Group a key partner in the performance of industrial companies.

Mastering maintenance activities for various markets

Fives’ teams specializing in industrial maintenance work with their customers through output based contracts, ensuring their equipment achieves optimal performance. As most services are provided on site, in 2020 Fives experienced a slowdown in Maintenance activity in the aerospace industry, but was able to maintain it in the defense sector. The teams also supported the growth of their logistics customers, including in the midst of lockdown.

Fives also focused on the tenders for three of its biggest customers, whose answers concerning the renewal of their contracts will be known in 2021. Alongside this, the Maintenance teams also explored new opportunities to continue diversifying their customer and market portfolio.

Data supporting industrial performance

Fives CortX offers its customers tailored solutions which combine artificial intelligence, data expertise and knowledge of industrial processes and machinery.

In 2020, the teams worked to reinforce the security of their data processing and collection solutions, thus addressing a major challenge of industry. They formed a partnership with WALLIX, a European specialist in cybersecurity, whose WALLIX Inside solution is part of the CortX Gateway to continue securing different data streams “by design”. To support its growth and welcome future employees, Fives CortX also moved to more spacious facilities, which have on-site test resources. Finally, Fives CortX provided its expertise in industrial vision to other Group Subsidiaries for quality-related problems.



A hand-held maintenance diagnosis tool

Fives has developed a diagnostics kit for temporary monitoring of equipment. Easy to deploy and compatible with all industrial sensors, it includes data processing and acquisition solutions and can be used for diagnostics or to detect machine faults.

Fives starts up two new contracts in aeronautics

Fives relied on its Maintenance teams to simultaneously kick off these contracts during lockdown in France. The services include maintenance of automated assembly lines, lifting methods and tools, including those used during ground testing of aircraft electrical equipment for Final Assembly Lines.

A solution to optimize welding traceability and quality

Detecting a welding fault at a given moment to save time, improve quality and ensure traceability? It’s possible with Nordon Soudage Prédictif. This solution allows transparent welding and for welds to be repaired directly, if needed, and not at the end of the project, to avoid material waste and potential delays.

An ecosystem of multi-industry experts to optimize our solutions

Fives is a founding member of La Ruche Industrielle, a group of industrial companies and technology partners which collaborate on specific use cases at factories to offer solutions adapted to the increasingly complex needs of operational workers.

Two subjects are the focus of experiments: vision, to provide an “in process” quality control, and smart supervision, to offer relevant indicators directly on the machine to allow production and maintenance to make informed decisions.

Thanks to this collaboration, Fives can check that the solutions are suitable with potential users and test new approaches, particularly artificial intelligence, on shared lab test methods, as close as possible to use cases reported in the field.

Fives was able to experiment with new functionalities on its Gateway connected to a test bench, including the option to remotely operate and configure different control components installed in the equipment. The use of a perfectly secure connection opens up a range of possibilities.