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    • Italy

Fives’ GENI-belt™, the new cross-belt sorter to automate material handling and sorting in postal terminals, courier hubs and distribution centers will be unveiled at POST-Expo this year.

A key…

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    • Italy

A few months ago, Fives Intralogistics S.p.A. was awarded the Engineered Sustainability® brand for the GENI-belt™ BH, its new cross-belt sorter for the airport market.

The Engineered Sustainability®…

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    • Spain

In November 2014, NISSAN, a long-standing customer of Fives since 2009, placed an order with Fives, split between Fives Conveying and its Spanish subsidiary, Fives Conveying Ibérica S.A, to renovate…

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    • Italy

In February 2015, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Italy has entrusted Fives an order for the automation of a crankshaft production line at its plant in Termoli (Campobasso Province).

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    • Australia

In 2014, Fives was awarded two new contracts by BCS to supply sorting systems for parcels up to 50kg to TNT at its new terminals in the area of Melbourne (VIC) and Brisbane, (QLD), Australia.


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