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SMARTCrane for optimal maintenance, process and operations

SMARTCrane is a technology developed by Fives for process crane remote monitoring, that uses sensors to collect data which will be post-processed.


SMARTCrane acquires data through a dedicated unit installed on the crane, which is then transmitted to the monitoring platform where it is concatenated. Cranes’ data is shown on an end user’s dashboard that includes:  

  • KPI for Electrolysis Process Improvement.
  • KPI for Operation Improvement of Furnace Tending Assemblies
  • Crane condition monitoring for smoothing Maintenance operations
  • Crane health reporting for easy Analysis of specific concerns

SMARTCrane is a Tailor made and Open solution, from standalone to fully integrated system.

Fives’ SMARTCrane Remote Support can also provide access to a global network of crane experts and specialists, offering advanced analysis and benchmarking for process optimization and remote maintenance support.

“After a few months of using SMARTCrane on our cranes, the maintenance team can no longer do without it, even if there are still ongoing fine-tuning in order to make data even more accurate. SMARTCrane is like an aircraft black box: it provides reliable and factual data on the condition of the equipment and therefore helps to anticipate failures and facilitates troubleshooting. In a non-stop operation plants such as ours, where we have difficulty obtaining comprehensive reports and feedback from shopfloor operation, this system gives us performance rate of equipment associated with other measurements, which are key inputs to our continuous improvement process. Besides, it measures more than what we are used to observing. Furthermore, SMARTCrane gives us a clear view of the operations in the potroom, helpful for improving our quality and reducing equipment damage. Thanks to a dynamic team on both sides, after two years of partnership with Fives, this project is a real success in terms of results and perspectives”.

Xavier Berne, Site Maintenance Manager at Trimet St Jean de Maurienne in France confirms his real interest in this technology