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New pilot installation for calcinated clay

Fives provides innovative industrial solutions to the cement and mineral industries thanks to its strong know-how in industrial processes and its proprietary technologies. With over 80 years of experience in addressing pyroprocessing projects worldwide, we provide our customers with proprietary solutions that optimize their burning lines and reduce the environmental footprint of their installations, thanks to alternative fuels processing or calcined clay production.

Since the 1980s, Fives has gained an extensive experience in flash calcination with experimental surveys in a laboratory flash calciner built for this purpose. It enabled models to optimize the calcination temperature versus the particle sizes and their residence time. Those studies were followed by patented solutions and industrial applications for the calcination of alumina, phosphates or kaolin.

Today, to support our customers in their transition towards carbon neutrality, we have developed a brand new tool for the flash calcination of minerals, and in particular calcination of clay as a sustainable substitute to clinker. As of September, this new pilot installation will enable the production of large quantities of calcinated clay in order to perform comprehensive tests on cement quality and strength.

In addition to the chemical analysis and reactivity tests from our laboratory, this will increase our services to help our customers selecting the suitable clay guaranteeing the maximum substitution rate.