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Fives @ IMTS 2024

Fives will be exhibiting at IMTS 2024, presenting its latest innovations.

For more than two centuries, Fives has been leading the industry with innovative solutions. From September 9 to 14, 2024, Fives will be exhibiting at IMTS in Chicago, IL (USA), bringing the advanced solutions of its High Precision Machines Division to the forefront, Booth 338260 in the South Building.


Step into the world of innovation with Fives, where imagination meets precision. With a legacy spanning over two centuries, Fives stands as the beacon of breakthrough solutions that have shaped industrial progress, from the inception of railway lines and the iconic Eiffel Tower lifts, to the era of Industry 4.0, demonstrating each day that Industry Can Do It.

Through its High Precision Machines Division, Fives is the machine tool specialist and comprehensive solution provider across diverse industrial sectors, including Aerospace, Defense, Heavy Industry, Electric Vehicles, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Rail and Energy. From high-precision machining, turning, milling, composite processing, to grinding, cutting tools and abrasives, Fives Group’s technologies serve a wide range of applications and materials.

With a strong heritage built on globally renowned iconic names – Bryant, Cincinnati, CITCO Tools, Daisho, Dufieux, Forest-Liné, Gardner, Giddings & Lewis, Giustina, Landis, Liné Machines and Lund, Fives provides an extensive range of solutions engineered with exceptional stiffness to ensure high precision and maximum efficiency.

Fives is more than a provider; It is a global but local partner dedicated to its customers’ success, wherever they are. With 1,500 employees located in over 20 facilities in the Americas, Europe and Asia, Fives is committed to walk alongside its customers, from engineering, operation to support throughout the entire lifecycle of their installations. 

Fives is always one innovation ahead

With more than 7.5 M€ spent in R&D in 2023, Fives’ High Precision Machines Division is always continuously evolving proven technologies and developing new ones to meet customers’ needs and to support market requirements.

New CINCINNATI Machining Centers

A world-renowned name in machine tools, Cincinnati is back with legacy brands in new markets. With Cincinnati Arrow, Cincinnati Sabre, Cincinnati Lancer Vertical Machining Centers and the Cincinnati Maxim Horizontal Machining Center, Fives continues to develop products the industry is looking for. 

Latest developments from Giddings & Lewis

With over 160 years built in the USA, Fives continues to advance the machine tool industry by accompanying customers in providing Giddings & Lewis solutions to enhance their process optimization and equipment performance. The Giddings & Lewis VTM 1600 Dual Machining Center was developed for the space industry to manufacture large complex components for lower cost and faster cycle times. It’s the latest development in a long line of solution-based technology.

Newly released Landis 18 Ω for precision shafts including electric vehicle drive solutions

In response to customers’ needs for continuing ICE production while simultaneously developing products and manufacturing capability for EVs, Fives has developed the Landis 18 Omega for precision shafts including electric vehicle drive solutions. This cylindrical grinding machine combines many benefits: higher output with lower energy consumption; industry-leading power to size ratio; all with reduced floor space and man-power requirements; plus the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Newly developed Landis TTG 3000 for turning, grinding or polishing

The Landis TTG is a twin-turret, multi-spindle solution to grind ODs, IDs, faces, tapers, concentric and eccentric diameters to sub-micron tolerances in a single clamping. A three-part solution to issues faced in the modern manufacturing process—flexible processing, flexible machine, flexible layouts, it allows for a highly flexible process in which multiple operations may be combined into one machining platform, while maintaining or improving the accuracy and precision of a traditional single spindle machine.

Full digital MMS

Dufieux Mirror Milling Star is the digital machining solution for high-speed milling, drilling and trimming of 3D aluminum or composite fuselage panels. Thanks to its surface scanning system, the machining adapts to the real shape of the panel and the dual 6-axis heads arranged in a mirror guarantee an unequaled level of precision by controlling the symmetry and the thickness of the pocket depth bottoms, whatever their complexity and diversity. 

New Liné Machines Robotics solution

Fives is proposing new limits in Machining, Trimming, Drilling, Sanding, Deburring applications. With its exclusive Liné Machines “like-a-CNC” package and forthcoming high dynamic & accuracy bundle, it has never been so easy to integrate material removal processes using robots in an industrial environment.

Reliability and productivity through full life-cycle Service 

Fives provides the equipment and all the necessary services that help customers increase performance and reduce costs per part. Featuring Retrofits, Rebuilds, and Retools straight from the OEM and thanks to its global network of highly skilled professionals, Fives is THE single source provider.

Advanced digital solutions to track machine & process health and optimize machine performance

To facilitate its leading role in the future of machining and grinding technology, Fives provides an advanced digital solution, including a suite of hardware and software solutions tailored to specific needs, with the capability to connect seamlessly and agnostically with any PLC/CNC to gather high-frequency data. Solutions are available from simple dashboards, OEE tracking, Energy monitors and Condition-Based maintenance modules - to track machine and process health; all the way to Predictive Maintenance systems, and fully adaptive machine-learning solutions that automatically optimize machining parameters to improve quality based on auto-detection.