With the acquisition of Syleps, Fives has expanded its offer and cemented its position as a supplier of choice for the distribution sector

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Fives announces the acquisition of Syleps, a specialist in automated management systems for industrial sites. Syleps' technical expertise enhances the Group’s ‘Intralogistics’ offer in a sector which is enjoying strong growth.

Paris, 21 July 2017

Combining the technical expertise of Fives and Syleps will create a leading player with end-to-end understanding of how to design and deliver innovative solutions for the automated management of internal logistics in warehouses. 

Syleps, a respected player in the automated warehouse sector

Syleps was founded in 1975 and is a major player in intralogistics. The company is known for its full range of solutions for agri-business supply chains, e-commerce, distribution, and other manufacturing industries. Syleps is currently the leading French company for internal automated logistical flow solutions for warehouses and logistics platforms. It has successfully fitted out over 200 production units and logistics warehouses in Europe. Syleps owes its success to its expertise in process engineering, industrial IT systems, and proprietary technological building blocks, particularly for storage and robot palletizing solutions for preparing orders. Syleps has developed solutions which place it as the leading OPR (order picking robotic) supplier. OPR is a fully automated solution for the preparation of orders and for putting together heterogeneous pallets for medium and large-scale distribution platforms.Based in Lorient, Syleps has an annual turnover of around 40 million euros and employs 230 people. The company has a subsidiary in Bordeaux, which specializes in robotics. 

Advanced and innovative equipment that complements the Fives’ range

Fives is a world-renowned player in the intralogistics sector. The Group supplies major international actors in delivery and postal services with high-capacity sorting centers. Fives is also a partner of distribution and e-commerce businesses, for whom we design and deliver lines for preparing orders and sorting systems for their deliveries. In 2016, Fives recorded turnover of €240M in the domain of logistics, a very dynamic market, particularly with the development of e-commerce and the increase in the rate of flows, which is generating demand for automation in sorting centers.  Syleps’ capacity for innovation, which can be seen in the many patents it has registered, echoes Fives’ strategy to develop innovative solutions for all these markets, enabling our clients to improve the efficiency of their industrial processes.

The Group’s high level of expertise in the domain of storage solutions will also enable it to support the development of needs amongst traditional delivery service businesses seeking ‘3PL’ solutions to manage their warehouses.

Frédéric Sanchez, Chairman of the Executive Board of Fives, announced, “With the acquisition of Syleps, whose product offering perfectly complements our own, Fives is cementing its position as the leading provider of automated flow management and sorting solutions. We are now also asserting ourselves as a partner of choice for medium and large-scale distribution businesses. Fives, a world-renowned intralogistics expert, will enable Syleps to significantly increase its market presence. “