The new titanium machining center Forest-Liné Flexiax V benefiting to the next generation of engineers

Forest-Line Flexiax V 2-FIVES

SIGMA Clermont, a top French engineering school specializing in advanced mechanics and chemistry has just acquired, in the framework of the RoMaPAR + project of the CPER 2015 (Robots and Agile and Reconfigurable Production Machines with modular components and semi-open control architecture) a new Titanium machining center with vertical spindle: Forest-Liné Flexiax V.

This 5-axis machine has been specifically designed to optimize the machining of titanium and hard materials for the aerospace market.

The Forest-Liné Flexiax V installed in the School's Technology Transfer Center is the first of a new generation of machines designed and manufactured in France by Fives (Fives Machining, Forest-Liné Albert site).

With a cross-sectional X-stroke of 2 meters and a spindle power of 105 kW, the Forest-Liné Flexiax V machining center is an exceptional tool for conducting successful research in the field of hard materials machining optimization.

To meet the expectations of local and national aerospace partners, mechanics of materials and structures,  robotics engineers, specialists in manufacturing output and computer scientists work together at the Clermont, France, site of the School.

Funded, thanks to the support of the French Government, the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region and the FEDER Europe, SIGMA Clermont ensures the operation of this machine, its maintenance and provides technical support.