Michelin entrusts Fives with a new contract for induction heating and cooling equipment

Fives Michelin induction heating cooling equipment-FIVES

Michelin, a global tyre manufacturer and a historical partner of Fives, ordered 12 units of equipment for its three production sites in Canada, USA and Thailand.

In order to guarantee the best performance, Fives will optimize engineering services and manufacturing process at its industrial workshop in Lautenbach in France, where the group has been developing induction heating and industrial cooling technologies under the brand CELES for over 50 years.

Fives has already supplied Michelin with more than 80 CELES induction heating units for over 30 years, confirming its commitments to operational excellence and environment performance.

In September 2015, Michelin and Fives, both renowned for their innovation drive, created a joint venture aimed at developing new technologies for different industries.