Litwin’s Carbo-chemical and Distillation activity is acquired by the Fives group, thus becoming Solios Chemical

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On March 1st, 2012 the Fives group acquired the Carbo-chemical and Distillation activities (Proabd®) of Litwin’s Mulhouse-based (France) entity. As a consequence, a new company, Solios Chemical, has been created within the Fives Solios brand.

Relying on a 30-person team, Litwin’s Proabd® activity had sales of 14 million Euros in 2011, with over 50% in China.

The acquisition enables Fives:

  • to strengthen Fives Solios’ leadership in completely mastering the anode production process
  • to create a chemical expertise center, thus improving Fives’ portfolio of proprietary technologies
  • to reinforce our position as a key solution provider for the major aluminium producers and thus create additional growth opportunities in China.

Coal tar pitch processing, one of the major Proabd® technologies, strengthens Fives Solios’ expertise on the prebaked anode manufacturing process by further integrating the know-how upstream from pitch unloading and storage facilities, anode forming and anode baking.

Likewise, the customers of the Proabd® pitch process will benefit from Fives Solios’ expertise in anode manufacturing, which constitutes the main application for this specialty product.

The Group will continue to support and develop the whole Proabd® portfolio including the processing of coke oven by-products and melt static crystallization (MSC) purification for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

Thanks to its strong position in the Chinese steel market, which is an important part of the Mulhouse-based entity’s customers, the Group should also allow Solios Chemical to accelerate its commercial development in this market.

Celebrating its 200th year of industrial progress in 2012 and with more than 1.2 billion € of sales in 2011(forecasted) and over 6 000 employees all over the world, Fives is an industrial engineering group which designs and supplies process equipment, production lines and turnkey plants for the world’s largest industrial players in the aluminium, steel, glass, automotive & logistics and energy sectors. Its technologies are renowned worldwide and its teams are recognized for their capacity to commit and deliver.

Fives’ multi-sector expertise is a powerful source of innovation for industrial solutions combining technology, safety and profitability: “Designing today the plants of the future” is a shared credo within the Fives group.

Within the Fives group, Fives Solios supplies a broad offer to the aluminium industry, from key innovative process equipment to complete technological solutions for the three key primary aluminium production sectors: carbon, electrolysis and casthouse.