Jaguar Land Rover awards Fives Cinetic with contracts for its new Trim & Final facility located in Solihull, UK

JaguarCX-17 725 402-FIVES

Following the contract for the supply and implementation of a new Body in White storage facility in the old Paintshop Building at its Solihull plant, in United Kingdom, Jaguar Land Rover renewed its confidence in Fives Cinetic by awarding the Group with new orders for the design and supply of a brand new Trim & Final facility as well as all the filling equipment.

This brand new Trim & Final Facility, with an overall capability of 50 veh/hour (a car is manufactured every 72 seconds) in 2 shifts, will be created to manufacture the current L494 (Range Rover Sport) as well as new models such as the SUV CX17 concept. A new technically-advanced aluminum vehicle architecture would be used on those models.

Fives Cinetic will deliver the whole conveyor package for the main line, including the FIFO store (Body sequencing from paint shop to trim) ; the pre trim line on a skillet with adjustable height, the main body carriers 240 EMS conveyor with adjustable height and the final line slat conveyor.

The Autosecure marriage system is also included for Front & Rear Axle + Engine -Gearbox Assembly & Doors on - Doors off & door trim line.

Fives Cinetic will also provide all the filling equipment required for this project.

Jaguar Land Rover has three advanced manufacturing facilities in the UK. The company's Solihull manufacturing facility, which has been home to Land Rover since production began in 1948, currently builds the Defender, Discovery, All-New Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. For the first time, Jaguar-branded vehicles would be manufactured at the Land Rover historical plant. The new facility will also become a show room plant as customers will have the opportunity to visit the plant before collecting their vehicle.