Fives/Centrale Paris Partnership - Award of Sébastienne Guyot Bursaries

On November 13 last year, Centrale Paris,a top three Engineer school in France, hosted the awards ceremony for Sébastienne Guyot Bursaries which enable companies to provide financial support for students by meeting some of the costs involved in their three-year course at Centrale Paris. As part of the Fives contribution to this initiative, Estelle Fontenay, CSR Deputy Director and a member of the awards panel, presented one of these Bursaries to first-year Centrale Paris student Meriem Sadani.

Under the terms of this commitment, FIVES hopes to contribute to ensuring that the Ecole Centrale Paris can pursue diversity in recruitment, and to demonstrate its determination to enhance the role of women at every level in French society.

Click here to view the video of the Sébastienne Guyot Bursaries awards ceremony