Fives’ Plants of the Future Observatory: Bel sees the factory of the future as "frugal"


L’Observatoire Fives des usines du futur, le laboratoire d’idées sur l’avenir de l’industrie lancé par Fives en 2012, poursuit son activité, avec un « Matin de l’Observatoire », organisé le 4 novembre.

Fives’ Plants of the Future Observatory, a laboratory of ideas on the future of industry founded by Fives in 2012, is still hard at work and held a “Morning Debate” on November 4.

The “Morning Debate” events are regular meetings where a select group of people from industry, institutions, the press, etc. come to hear an industrial expert speak about an initiative being implemented in his factories. This fourth meeting hosted Hubert Mayet, General Manager in charge of Group Manufacturing and Technical Division at Bel, a major global player in the creation, production and sale of cheese. The theme that morning was "The factory of the future will be frugal".

In fact, behind the smile on Laughing Cow® cheese and Bel's 25 other brands lies unique industry know-how that includes both cheese-making knowledge and mechanical expertise. As the Bel Group sees it, industrial excellence is also about continuous improvement in order to reduce its environmental impact. Bel is committed to solving this industrial and technological challenge, mainly by optimizing its production processes.