Fives launches Diagnostic Communication System (DCS)

Fives launches DCS-FIVES

Fives has introduced a new remote diagnostics capability that allows machine operators to connect with the Group’s technical experts via secure CNC screen sharing.

In a significant percentage of cases, machine problems may be diagnosed and solved in minutes. "In 30 to 40% of cases, we can solve a customer's problem or point them to the solution right away, without the delay for on-site service," said Wade Blain, Project Engineer, Fives. "It significantly increases customer uptime, and if a repair is needed, the diagnostic process allows us to ship the correct parts in advance so the service person can start work immediately on arrival." 

Diagnostic Communication System (DCS) is now standard on all new Cincinnati and Giddings & Lewis machine tools and composite system. It is also available as a system upgrade for installed machines with a PC-based HMI on Fanuc, Siemens and Heidenhain controls. The enabling software, TeamViewer*, establishes an encrypted, password-protected connection to the customer's CNC over a VPN (virtual private network). A new and unique password is generated by TeamViewer for each session. Legacy CNCs can access diagnostic service using a connected laptop to run TeamViewer software. "A major advantage is that we can have several of our factory technicians from different departments simultaneously logged into a customer's machine to ensure we have the right expertise to handle most any problem," said Blain.  

* TeamViewer software is an established IT industry tool for high-security remote maintenance of data processing systems in government and highly sensitive businesses. It is in use on 200 million computers worldwide, according to the manufacturer, TeamViewer GmbH.