Fives joins the top 50 French patent applicants

On the occasion of the World Intellectual Property Day on April 26, Fives unveils its patent performance.

The Group has just been named in the list of the top 50 French patent filers released by INPI (the French Institute of Industrial Property). In these rankings, Fives is assessed alongside major groups whose innovations are regularly put in the spotlight. 

  • Fives entered the ranking of French applicants of patent applications published in France, and placed 36th.
  • If we take into account the patents filed by the main Offices worldwide (Europe, United States, China, Japan, South Korea), Fives takes the 50th place. 

In 2015, the Group patented 50 new inventions, bringing the total number of current patents up to 1,948, divided into 582 patent families. 22% of the new patent applications related to energy and environmental performance. These figures highlight Fives’ innovation capacity as well as its dynamism as a patent filer, both in France and on an international scale. 

2015 was rich in innovation at Fives! Notably, the Group announced the creation of a joint-venture with Michelin in the sector of additive manufacturing. Three products designed by Fives were awarded the Engineered Sustainability® brand for reaching a high level of operational excellence and environmental performance.

Overall, the Group’s R&D effort intensified: €35.5m were invested in Research & Development (i.e. a 5% rise with constant perimeter). The part of the R&D budget dedicated to the development of new products & processes and radical research & innovation  continued to grow, demonstrating Fives’ willingness to design innovative and effective technical solutions for all industries.