Fives Cinetic supplies machines for the Hondas new automotive plant in Japan

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Decker Filling (Fives Cinetic) has been awarded a new project in Japan to provide fluid fill equipment to Honda who recognized them as a high performer machine manufacturer in terms of quality, delivery and services. This is a major success for Fives Cinetic considering that even if Honda Motor Co. has been opening dozens of overseas plants in the past several decades worldwide, the automotive industry has not expanded its car manufacturing capabilities to the domestic market (Japan) since 1964.

A real opportunity for Decker Filling, this new plant will be the reference for future overseas projects. Located in Yorii, Saitama Prefecture, at the north of Tokyo Honda Plant, this plant is part of the automaker's reorganization plans including scaling back its older Sayama plant and bringing Yorii online with more efficient and innovative technology ; it will have an annual output capacity of 250,000 vehicles (Accord, Odyssey, CRV, Stepwagon).

Fives Cinetic supplies one Brake Fluid filling machine with 3 consoles, one Combo Coolant and Air Conditioning Filling machine with 2 consoles, one Windshield washer filling machine an one Oil Filling machine. The delivery time was extremely tight still, Decker teams gave Honda full satisfaction.
The Start Of Production (SOP) is planned for July 2013.