Fives and Tamkeen launch an educational program to develop Bahraini’s skills in the industrial sector


On January 15, 2017, Fives and Tamkeen, the Bahraini Labour Fund organization, signed an agreement to mark the launch of a joint educational initiative: “Fives + Tamkeen Skills Development Initiative“, which aims to reinforce the competences of Bahrainis, in-line with the Kingdom’s strategy and industrial sector requirements. Fives and Tamkeen share the ambition to foster the cooperation between training and education institutions with industrial actors.

This initiative, originally devised by Fives, will take place through 3 types of actions: vocational training programs, international internship programs within the Fives companies network and the set-up of a technical training workshop specialized in high-end welding applications.

Fives’ Chairman of the Board, Mr. Frédéric Sanchez, and Dr. Ebrahim Janahi, Tamkeen’s Chief Executive, signed this agreement in presence of high-level delegates of the Kingdom’s Economic Development Board, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, H.E. Bernard Regnauld-Fabre, French Ambassador in Bahrain and a panel of several local industrial companies.

Fives has been a long-term industrial actor in Bahrain, with a local presence of almost 15 years. In 2012, the Group opened a regional office in Dubai to anchor its presence in the Middle East and support the development of its activities. In 2015, Fives’ acquisition of ECL, a world leader in aluminium smelter technology, with a service center also based in Dubai, further reinforced its capabilities in the Gulf area.

Fives’ multi-sector industrial know-how actually span through most of Bahrain key industrial sectors, such as the aluminium, steel, glass, machining, sugar, oil and gas, etc. This breadth of competencies enables Fives to act as a link between Bahraini industrial players and training institutes to enhance the industrial skills of the local workforce.

This new Initiative is yet another testimony of Fives’ commitment to foster a balanced and sustainable development of the communities in which it is involved.