Fives and CEA Tech planning the plant of the future

Fives CEA Tech copyright pierre jayet-FIVES

Fives just signed a framework agreement with CEA Tech.

This division of the CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) acts as a catalyst and accelerator of innovation to support companies, with a focus on information and health technologies, energy and smart digital systems.

The new agreement will give Fives valuable access to CEA Tech's resources in their technology development programs. The move is part of a Fives strategy to open up its R&D and it hopes to fast-track new product development by bringing in technologies through partnerships with other stakeholders in the research sector.

Technology development programs to build the plant of the future

The solutions and resources contributed by CEA Tech will help Fives develop new key process technologies and upgrade equipment through support from three CEA Tech institutes. These applied research labs can provide highly specialized skills and state-of-the-art equipment found nowhere else to foster development of innovations that are competitive, both in terms of price and global recognition.

It opens the doors to collaborative programs in a range of top-level sectors offering wide applications for Fives equipment and processes (heat storage, new materials, additive manufacturing mobile robotics, augmented reality, etc.).

A strategy focusing on the development of innovative process technologies

Innovation is at the heart of Fives’ model of growth. In 2013, the company invested more than € 21m in Research & Development and had 1,784 patents in force.

Fives services many industrial sectors (steel, cement, aluminum, logistics, automobile, etc.) that face increasing challenges, notably in terms of competitiveness and environmental impact; the Group develops pioneering and high-performance technologies that support customer innovation. Today’s developments will undeniably shape the plants of the future; tomorrow’s plants will have to be more respectful of the environment, smarter, more flexible and more integrated.

In 2012, Fives launched its Observatory for the Plants of the future. This think-tank is committed to initiating an open discussion about the industry of tomorrow and the plants of the future and to disseminate these views to public.