Fives addresses the topic of the industry of the future and energy efficiency at the World Efficiency trade show

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The World Efficiency trade show was held on October 13-15, 2015. This event is meant to bring together existing and emerging solutions and know-how for resources and the climate that provide alternatives to current economic models.

As part of this event, Michel Dancette, Head of Innovation and Corporate Insight at Fives, participated to a conference dedicated to “Industry of the future and energy efficiency”, along with other stakeholders of this subject (ADEME, Mines ParisTech, ARF, Socomec). Various topics ware at the heart of the discussion, such as: energy efficiency of the industry, present and future technologies to reach this objective, new lines of research, as well as support for SMEs wanting to initiate change. Mr. Dancette highlighted the existing and future technologies that reshuffle the cards for the industrial sector and create new opportunities to meet the challenge of climate change and energy transition.