Fives: 32nd in the list of top French patent owners

The top 50 French applicants of international patents shows Fives in the 32nd position. This ranking is the latest public recognition of Fives' ability to develop pioneering technologies that meet the current and future requirements of manufacturers in terms of performance.

A ranking that highlights the innovative dynamic of Fives

The INPI (French National institute of industrial property) has just revealed its 2017 list of the French entities that have filed the most international patents. For the 3rd time, this ranking has put Fives in the spotlight: the Group is ranked 32nd, a clear improvement on its previous ranking (50th).

Fives’ inclusion in the top 50 patent applicants is confirmation of its drive to develop innovative machinery, process equipment and production lines. In 2016, the Group filed 45 new patent applications; it now has a portfolio of 2,032 patents in 611 different categories. This dynamism is also apparent in the increase in investments: in 2016, Fives invested €36.7 million in Research & Development – a steadily growing sum. 

Technologies to build the plant of the future

Fives is directing its innovative work towards building the plants of tomorrow - more productive, more flexible, more reliable and more respectful of humanity and of the environment.

In particular this includes development of digital solutions, which can be used to optimize the performance of the production system at all phases of its life cycle. The Group is also focusing on using new manufacturing processes (3D printing) and new materials (composites). Finally, Fives is introducing practical solutions to make industrial processes more energy efficient, by developing eco-designed technologies.