EcoVadis rating: Fives’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) program recognized among the best companies evaluated

Fives has been awarded a rating of 71/100 by EcoVadis for its CSR performance, placing it in the top 2% of businesses assessed (out of the total of 20,000 companies evaluated in 2015).

Ecovadis 2015-FIVES

EcoVadis: a reliable rating for international customers

Every year, Fives group takes the initiative of being evaluated by EcoVadis, a supplier of sustainability ratings through a collaborative platform. The ratings are based on four themes: environment, fair labor practices, business ethics and responsible procurement.

Beyond its pioneering technologies, Fives’ commitment reflects the Group's ambition to differentiate also through its CSR good practices and performance. Since its first assessment in 2012, Fives has achieved an increase of 13 points in 3 years* and moved from “Silver" (company engaged in CSR) to the "Gold" level (advanced CSR company).

This year the Group was awarded for its actions on the environment field, particularly through the implementation of the ISO 14001 certification program to all its industrial sites and the continuation of its eco-design program, Engineered Sustainability®. Last year, the rating of Human policy, Safety and Business Ethics had increased significantly thanks to the implementation Group’s programs. This performance is confirmed this year.

*Reminder evaluations since 2012: 68 points in 2014, 63 points in 2013, 58 points in 2012; level "Silver" in 2012 and "Gold" since 2013