Cinetic Service launches a new machine tool maintenance training program

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Cinetic Service launches a new machine tool maintenance training program in partnership with the Yonne AFPI (France)

The industrial maintenance expertise of Cinetic Service is closely linked to the skills of its people, from engineers to mechanics, control systems specialists, electronics engineers and hydraulics experts. The company now needs to recruit additional qualified staff in response to the demand generated by its strong business growth, but the structural shortage of such people has encouraged Cinetic Service to work in partnership with the Yonne Association de Formation Professionnelle pour l'Industrie (AFPI) training organization in Sens (France) to develop its own qualification-based training program for machine tool maintenance.

The first seven trainees began their training under this scheme on October 15, 2012. Based on alternating one week of theory with three weeks of practical work, this training program is the outcome of close collaboration between the AFPI training specialists and Cinetic Service based in Montévrain:

  • Led by a tutor, each student will receive his or her practical training on-site at a Cinetic Service contract maintenance location: Snecma in Corbeil, Gennevilliers or Vernon, Aircelle in Le Havre, Fives Industries, and Jeumont Electric in Jeumont
  • The theory classes (around 50 days per year) will be held at a school in Sens. Trainees' travel and accommodation expenses will be met by Fives Cinetic.

During their training, program trainees will receive monthly pay in excess of 70% of the normal minimum wage. On completion of the year-long training program, successful trainees will be awarded a CQPI (certificat de qualification professionnelle inter-industries) multi-industry professional qualification certificate. They may also be offered a permanent job at Cinetic Service.

It is very important for Fives to succeed in its plans to recruit new staff in certain skills areas, and particularly those appropriate to the technical requirements specific to some areas of its business. There is currently a training shortfall in a number of specialist skills areas, and industrial companies are seeing a disconnect between their requirements and the training provided for young people.

Cinetic Service Chairman Patrick Le Tiec had this to say on the subject: "With this new training initiative, Cinetic Service is throwing its full weight behind the training policy adopted by the Fives Group by investing in the skills of its future employees. Our expertise is what will underpin the long-term future of our business, because it is the quality we deliver that attracts and retains our customers."

Students of the industrial maintenance training program of Cinetic Service