Check out my plant! Fives opens up its workshops for Industry Week (La Semaine de l'Industrie)

Fives semaine industrie 2015-FIVES

Every year Industry Week invites France to (re)discover industry through events and open door sessions that are organized all over the country.

Several Fives sites, in the course of the week which runs from 30 March to 5 April 2015, will welcome visitors young and old, inviting them to learn about our business from the inside.

Open doors to discover the variety of industry professions

Fives employs around 8,000 people all over the world, half of them in France. Fives' 22 factory sites in France employ men and women with varied specialized skills catering to numerous industries: cryogenic heat exchangers for gas and oil industries, machine tools for composite production for the aeronautical industry, industrial pipework for nuclear energy, filling systems for automobiles, induction cooling and heating systems...

This year several Fives plants will open their doors for Industry Week, including:

  • Fives Industries in Seclin (Nord), which specializes in manufacturing mechanical assemblies for all sorts of industries, particularly steel and energy, which will host high schoolers and jobseekers who will be able to visit its 17,000m² plant and talk with the workers there as they present the company's sixteen different professions.
  • Fives Nordon, with 1,000 industrial pipework specialists, is a major economic player in the Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle) region. The company will welcome teachers and careers advisors, as well as jobseekers and professionals. A partnership will be signed on 2 April with the Gustave Eiffel professional lycée (high school) in Varennes-sur-Seine, to improve training and professional access for young people to the pressure vessel and pipe working trades. 
  • Fives Stein Manufacturing will be offering access to its outsourcing activities (machining, welding fabrication, assembly) at an open door event on 1-2 April; an opportunity to see inside this business that has been active in Bar-le-Duc (Meuse) since 1972, manufacturing mechanical parts and equipment for various demanding industries (thermal, steel, environment, energy) that require great expertise and specific skills mastered by the Fives Stein Manufacturing teams.
  • The Fives Machining plant in Capdenac (Aveyron) will open up its workshops to high school students on 1 April. This site (formerly Forest-Liné) specializes in designing and building machining systems and machines for producing composites, particularly for the aeronautical industry.

Industry, an attractive sector

A survey carried out by IFOP market research for Fives in 2012 underlined the extent to which French attitudes to industry were stuck in the past; only 35% thought industry was an attractive economic sector for young people.

And yet plants are constantly being reinvented, incorporating new technologies to improve production and working conditions for operators (new production processes that are more respectful of the environment, composite materials, automation, digital technology, etc.). Today industry offers excellent career prospects for men and women who choose this exciting sector. Industry Week is also an opportunity for Fives employees, who are proud of their machines, their expertise and their company, to share their passion and contribute to an image of industry as modern and innovative.

Fives, engaging with its stakeholders all year round

All year round Fives pursues an active policy of openness and involvement in local economic life, to promote its industrial activities and professions, through partnerships with schools and training bodies, awareness campaigns, and Trade forums in collaboration with local branches of the UIMM metal industries and MEDEF employer federations.   

  • On a more global stage, Fives is carrying out an exploration and series of actions on the plant of the future, based on two projects:
  • The mission of the Fives Observatory for the plants of the future, founded in 2012, is to stimulate debate on the future of industry.
  • Fives is copilot for "Plan 34", launched by the French government, which is dedicated to the factory of the future and aims to encourage the development of a competitive industrial base in France. 

Exploration that will contribute to the emergence of industry that is innovative and attractive!