Appointment: Karine Gosse joins Fives to accelerate the digital transformation of the Group's offer

Karine Gosse appointed Digital Development Director / Industry of the future at Fives.

Karine Gosse-FIVES

Ms Gosse, 43, has a high level of expertise in research and innovation projects, with experience in both private and public sectors. 

Karine Gosse began her career at Motorola Labs, where for 10 years she headed up various programs focusing on communications networks. In 2009 Ms Gosse joined the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) to lead development programs linked to interactive systems (communication, vision, interactive robotics, virtual reality and sensory interfaces). From 2012 she was the director of the Institut CEA LIST in Saclay, a robotics and digital technology research center, where her core role was to establish a structure of programs and platforms to bring together researchers, academics and industrial players in the field of complex digital systems. 

At Fives, Karine Gosse will have the dual missions of accelerating transformation of the Group's offer in terms of digital and robotics technologies, and of pursuing the Fives initiatives to create the factories of the future.

Ms Gosse qualified as an Engineer and took a Doctorate (signals and image processing) at Telecom ParisTech. She also graduated from HEC Paris Business School in 2010 with an Executive MBA.

Fives' ambition: to build a more versatile and more productive plant of the future

Fives designs technology, equipment and solutions that enable industrial manufacturers to meet their own current and future challenges, especially in the environmental and economic contexts. The plant of tomorrow will need to be able to adjust its production quickly and precisely to new needs and fluctuating market conditions, by optimizing processes, maintenance and energy consumption, while making the operator's task easier. In this context digital solutions, robotics and cobotics will be the essential drivers.

For Fives, innovation is a constant driver for growth; in 2014 the Group invested €33.1 million in Research & Development and owned 1,859 patents, including 53 new inventions patented that year.

In 2012 Fives founded its Fives Observatory for the plants of the future, a think tank with a mission to stimulate debate on the future of industry. Mr Frédéric Sanchez, Chairman of Fives' Executive Board, is honorary co-chair of France's Alliance for the Industry of the Future, a government project to make the country a leader in global industrial renewal and support French companies through the transition.