2015:An innovative year at Fives!

Fives places innovation at the heart of its growth strategy. 2015 was rich in innovation at Fives: partnerships, eco-design, the Fives Plants of the Future Observatory... Let's take a look back at the Group's key innovations over the course of 2015!


The 2015 Fives Innovation Awards started! Held annually, this internal creativity contest allows all employees to submit their ideas and to run for the Fives Innovation Great Prize.


Fives opens its new Research and Testing Center in Seclin (North of France), to contribute to research and the development of new machines and procedures for the cement and minerals grinding industries.

The GENI-belt™ for Baggage Handling, a cross-belt sorter for sorting luggage in airports, and Stein Digiflex®, a vertical steel annealing furnace, earned Enginereed Sustainability® branding, which was extended to the GENI-belt™ for mail-sorting usage in September. Fives’ eco-design program Engineered Sustainability® recognizes Fives-designed equipment reaching the best balance between operational excellence and environmental performance.


The Fives Plants of the Future Observatory published its 3rd Report, focused on how people and machines co-exist.


Fives became a member of the Jules Verne IRT, joining research institutions and other major industrial groups to encourage the development of new production processes and products. Within this framework, Fives will collaborate on two strategic projects which relate to innovative processes (additive manufacturing) and the implementation of new materials (composites).

The Fives Plants of the Future Observatory hosted its 3rd Morning Debates. The keynote speaker was the director of an Evian plant, who believes that "The plant of the future will be: INTEGRATED."

Fives signed a partnership with BeAM, a start-up which is a top builder of additive manufacturing machines using metal powder deposit technology. 


Fives is pursuing its involvement with the deployment of the French “Factory of the Future”: Frédéric Sanchez, the Group’s Chairman of the Executive Board, became Honorary Co-President of the “Alliance pour l’Industrie du Futur”, which was launched on July 20th. “The Alliance’s role is to organize and coordinate at the national level the initiatives, projects and works towards the modernization and transformation of industry in France” (Emmanuel Macron, French Minister for Economic Affairs, Industry and Digital).


Michelin and Fives teamed up to create the joint venture FIVES MICHELIN ADDITIVE SOLUTIONS, aimed at developing and marketing industrial machines and production shops on a global scale via "metal additive manufacturing" technology (commonly known as metal 3D printing).

Fives enhanced its aeronautics offer with the acquisition of LUND Engineering, which specializes in manufacturing composite structural elements and components.


Karine Gosse joined Fives as Digital Development Director / Industry of the future to accelerate the digital transformation of the Group's offer.


The 4th Fives Plants of the Future Observatory’s Morning Debates brought industrial players, institutions and researchers together to discuss "frugal plants", a topic spearheaded by cheese-making group Bel.