Zineb | Data Scientist


Tell us about your career path

After a Science baccalaureate in Casablanca, Morocco, and following two years of preparatory classes, I attended ENSIMAG, a university specialized in applied mathematics and computing. I discovered the world of computing, which is a real passion for me, and I studied information systems engineering for two years. I learned about predictive maintenance during a work placement as an assistant engineer. This experience led me to study for a master’s degree in Big Data during my third year at engineering school. After graduating, I joined the Fives CortX team in October 2018 as a Data Scientist.

Why did you choose to become a Data Scientist?

I chose the role of Data Scientist as it is a profession that combines my two key interests: mathematics and computing. The job suits my personality: I am very curious and I love solving problems, which are two important skills for Data Scientists.

Could you briefly describe your work at Fives?

My work involves implementing solutions to improve the quality of industrial machinery or to predict faults. In most cases, this involves defining predictive maintenance algorithms for industrial machinery. The algorithms track machine damage and issue early alerts about failures in order to optimize production and equipment maintenance.

What motivates you the most? 

My projects cover a very wide range of industries. This includes steel, aluminum, machine tools and glass. I really enjoy this variety.   
 I also have to tackle various challenges to find solutions that will satisfy Fives’ customers. This drives me to challenge myself and develop more self-confidence!
 Finally, I would say that the independence and responsibilities offered by Fives CortX makes it a great place to work. The trust shown in me is a real source of motivation.

What do you think are your keys for success? 

I think that liking your work and enjoying the process is key for success. That’s an essential factor to succeed professionally.
 Being enthusiastic, staying motivated, and being able to challenge yourself whilst remaining optimistic - that’s the state of mind required for any professional to succeed!