Optimized industrial processes for a reduced environmental footprint

  • Pillard NovaFlam®
    Pillard NovaFlam®: a flexible burner with high energy performance
  • Cement plant
    Cement plant, Qatar
  • Stein Digital Furnace®
    Steel slab leaving a Stein Digital Furnace® reheating furnace
  • FCB Horomill®
    FCB Horomill®: Waterless mineral grinding
  • Aluminum smelter
    Aluminum smelter, Saudi Arabia

The plant of the future must take on the challenge of constantly reducing its environmental impact. Innovative industrial processes and high performance equipment will allow it to optimize its energy efficiency and reduce emissions.

Fives designs and manufactures machinery, process equipment and production lines for the largest industrial players worldwide (aluminum, steel, glass, cement, energy, cars, aviation, etc.), some of whom are particularly exposed to environmental challenges. Fives has decided to develop technologies which combine operational excellence and improved environmental performance, which respond to these industrial challenges. 

Eco-design: Engineered Sustainability®

EngineeredSustainability logo 90x90-FIVES

This ambitious eco-design program created in 2012 recognizes Fives technologies which present the optimum combination of environmental and operational performance. The brand is awarded to technologies which have been subject to a rigorous review of their environmental impact and areas for improvement, and a quantification of their performance.  

Eco-design principles are being gradually applied to the entire Fives product portfolio. To date, twelve products have been awarded the Engineered Sustainability® brand and a dozen eco-design projects are in progress. 

To date, 9 Fives products have been awarded the Engineered Sustainability® brand.

Energy recovery: boosting energy efficiency

Industries using high temperature processes (cement, aluminum, steel, glass, etc.) have significant energy reserves which are currently lost.

Fives’ process expertise allows it to offer solutions aiming to reduce these losses (reuse of energy within the process). Residual energy losses can then be evaluated with external energy recovery systems. Fives offers robust and competitive solutions which respond to the challenges related to these systems (production continuity, managing variation of the energy source). 

Waste heat recovery: technologically and economically viable solutions for industrial businesses