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With more than 120 years' experience in the high precision grinding sector, we understand the need for flexibility. All of our grinding solutions are engineered to meet your individual requirements.

high precision - reliability - stiffness

To achieve a repeatable finish, you need a robust machine. That is why our surface grinding machines are engineered to ensure exceptional stiffness, for a perfect quality grind on the first pass. All of our machines are engineered for minimum cycle time and maximum uptime - up to 98%.

Choose from horizontal double disc grinders, vertical double disc grinders or one of our single disc grinding solutions.

Gardner, Giustina or Daisho grinding machines will be proposed according to the standards in your specific geographical area.

Horizontal double disc grinding

Our efficient, precise and robust horizontal double disc grinding machine provides a solution for both flat and parallel surface grinding applications. Simultaneous grinding is achieved on both sides of the component.

HDD 610 / 760 / 915 / 1067


Vertical double disc grinding

Our vertical double disc grinding machine comes in multiple size ranges, allowing a diverse range of grinding applications. These machines are highly efficient surface grinders with repeatable high quality.

VDD 305 / 355 / 455 / 510 / 585 / 760


Single disc grinding

For components that only need finishing on one side, our single disc surface grinding machines offer a full solution. Our single disc machines range in size from 305mm up to 3,200mm in wheel diameter.

VSD 305 / 355 / 455 / 585      XL-VSD 1000 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000