SAED awarded Cinetic Filling with the industrialization of its filling and testing process for new solar cells

Fiche SAED-1 725 402-FIVES

Cinetic Filling was chosen by Sophia Antipolis Energie Développement (SAED) to be part of the development of a new technology, based on solar cells' fields. The project will consist of the study and production of filling and testing equipment to build solar cells, referred to as heat pipe, which is designed to provide thermic energy.

Cinetic Filling worked on simultaneous engineering in order to receive complete filling process approval before the start of the project. Cinetic Filling particularly focused on the nature of n-heptan, a fluid developed to carry out water tightness after filling (filling-in circuit) as well as water tightness control. This study pointed out the necessity to treat the fluid before filling (dynamic degassing with temperature control). The vacuum-filled process was operated in a similar way to automobile applications, following the Atex standards.

The equipment provided by Cinetic Filling operates a highly innovative watertight fill-in process. One of the major innovations on this project leans on the development of the special fill-in solar cells or Shear Stir Welding (SSW) process.

Approved by the CETIM, the SSW is a process based on shearing-kneading which guarantees the water tightness of the heat pipes for dozens of years. It can stand with tolerance when close to inflammable fluids because it generates neither flame nor fusion. This process can be repeated and does not require a great deal of energy.

Cinetic Filling applied their know-how and expertise in the fluids process to the new technologies in the renewable solar energy production. This process is in direct line with the environmental program that Cinetic Filling has launched. Cinetic Filling designs, manufactures and installs automatically controlled equipment which ensures circuit testing and filling with various types of fluids for the automotive industry and other industries.