Fives, a Responsible Group

Since its foundation, Fives has never stopped evolving, reinventing itself and moving forward, thanks to talented women and men who have been able to seize the opportunities for growth on offer, by providing its customers with high-value products and services.

As a designer of machines, process equipment and production lines for the world's largest industrial groups, Fives is committed to meeting the needs of its customers through reliable and innovative products and providing them with added value, with a global approach to operating costs, integrating energy efficiency, process performance, emission control and machine safety.

Today, Fives’ success is a direct outcome of the grounding values of its Group culture. This culture is built on a deep belief in its employees and in the innate drive of each person to reach his or her full potential. The Group is collectively committed to fostering a safe and healthy work environment where all employees can develop their talents, enjoy their work, and responsibly conduct their activities.

Fives has in its hands a powerful lever for the plants of the future and for the men and women who work there. Designing process equipment, production lines and turnkey plants for the world's largest industrial groups, Fives is committed to delivering added value to its clients. The Group operates with a global approach of operational costs, integrating energy efficiency, process performances, emission control and limitation, as well as machine safety, for an optimum use by the industrial players that it serves.

Fives has developed a comprehensive program within the Group to address these challenges. It is structured by 4 key concerns:

Environment: Minimize Fives' environmental footprint and that of its clients

  • Eco-design & machine safety
  • Environmental management

Economics: Promote fair practices on the marketplace

  • Ethical conduct & prevention of corruption
  • Sustainable partnerships

Social: Provide a safe and motivating workplace

  • Health & Safety management
  • Diversity and social benefits
  • Skills & career management
  • Monitoring employees’ satisfaction

Governance: Embed the CSR priorities into the organization of each Fives Entity

  • CSR coaching program

As Fives continues its CSR actions program, it has decided in 2018 to review its commitments to meet the expectations of its stakeholders, which have evolved significantly over the past 10 years. The Group wishes to strengthen its actions on key topics such as the fight against climate change, the development of technologies to serve the circular economy and the contribution to the development of the territories in which the company operates."

Ingrid Jaugey-Ndiaye
Group CSR Director

Fives assessed by EcoVadis, a rating agency specialized in CSR

csr 2019-FIVES

Fives Group has been assessed as a whole in 2019 on the solidity of its CSR program. With Fives is again awardedits “Gold” level as a supplier Fives and  stands in the top 1% of suppliers evaluated in its category and in the general ranking, for all companies evaluated, with a rating of up to 76/100.

EcoVadis is a rating agency specialized in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). A team of international Sustainable Development experts analyzes and crosschecks suppliers’ data (policies, supporting documents, information watch, etc.) in order to create reliable ratings encompassing the market, geographical location and size of each company.

The 55,000 companies assessed by EcoVadis today stand for 198 business fields and cover 155 countries.

Methodology: The EcoVadis methodology is based on 21 criterias and 4 themes (Environment, Fair Working Conditions, Business Ethics, and Responsible Purchasing) and relies on the international standards of Sustainable Development in particular the Global Reporting Initiative “GRI”, the United Nations Global Compact and ISO 26000. It’s supervised by a scientific committee of CSR and Supply Chain experts, to ensure reliable third-party CSR assessment.

Stepstones in Fives' Corporate Social Responsibility Program


Publication of the first version of the Group Business Ethics Charter


Creation of the Innovation Department, whose key strategic goal is to improve the energy performance of equipment supplied by Fives, while reducing its environmental footprint


First issue of the Code of conduct (in English and French) distributed to all Group employees


Launch a structured Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program


Phase 1 of the Corporate Social Responsibility awareness program for Group companies


First CSR Reporting launched at Group level


Updating of the Group Directives and Guidelines Manual. The Directives and Guidelines Manual is primarily a management and risk control tool and the reference document for all executive officers and employees of the Group Companies worldwide. 


Code of conduct update, translated into 13 languages and distributed to all employees


Voluntary decision to publish the first Annual and CSR report

Launch of program's Phase 2 with Group companies: roll-out of CSR action plans for every business line


Target of ISO 14001 certification, by the end of 2014, for all Group industrial sites


Creation of the Engineered Sustainability® eco-design program and launch of Fives’ ISO 14001 process for industrial sites


Safety is integrated as a criteria in the Managing Directors' compensation package


Launch of a new safety program focused on safety leadership


Target frequency rate of less than 4 announced for 2016


Launch of a business ethics training course for Fives’ executives


Business Ethics program enhanced


Group Safety Golden Rules deployed


Launch of the new 2020 Safety objectives