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Going up to touch the clouds for the first time, designing daring buildings using essential materials, choosing to drive green, receiving a gift on time that you can't wait to give... Fives offers the solutions that improve our everyday lives. 

The Fives Group has been at the heart of industrial revolutions for over 200 years. From the first railway lines to the elevators at the Eiffel Tower and space exploration, Fives has always spearheaded the industry of the future. 

For over 200 years, the Group has designed the breakthrough solutions and technologies that make industry what it is. By addressing the specifics of each market locally around the world, Fives combines economic and environmental performance. As a driving force behind the 4th industrial revolution - the decarbonization, electromobility and energy mix revolution - Fives anticipates its customers’ needs to ensure it always has the next innovation ready. 

Every day, in 30 countries, our 8,000 employees create the sustainable solutions the world needs by inventing the technologies of the future.

Every day, Fives employees enable industrial companies to optimize their energy efficiency and environmental performance.

Every day, we strive to achieve a virtuous industry, a cutting-edge industry, a mutually responsible industry, an exciting industry, for all of us.

We are Fives and Industry can do it!