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Fives awards Big Sky Cutting Edge with Gold Supplier Award

On September 23, 2021, Todd DenBoer, Global Sales at Big Sky Cutting Edge, was presented with Fives’ Gold Supplier Award for 2020-2021.  This ceremony was hosted by the leadership team at Fives Landis Corp. – CITCO Tools facility  located in Concord Twp. , Ohio.

The Fives Gold Supplier Program distinguishes partners around the world that achieve excellence in the area of quality, service and responsiveness. In 2020-2021, Fives has evaluated and selected 37 suppliers globally, and we are proud to announce that Big Sky Cutting Edge is one of our key suppliers and partners for PCD & cBN cutting.

With more than a 20 year partnership with Fives’ CITCO Tools facility, Big Sky Cutting Edge has maintained over a 96% on-time delivery. At CITCO Tools, quality is critical in delivering a custom-engineered and high-precision product to our customers. We would not be able to maintain such high quality standards without suppliers like Big Sky Cutting Edge who provide us with a 99% conformance rate.

Join us in celebrating our key suppliers and a big congratulations to Big Sky Cutting Edge!