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Hervé Morin visits Fives Nordon ACPP

Hervé Morin, President of the Normandy Region, visited the premises of Fives Nordon ACPP in Digulleville accompanied by Frédéric Sanchez, Chairman and CEO of the Fives Group and Chairman of Medef International and the Alliance Industrie du Futur, and Jean-Jacques Depuydt, CEO of Fives Nordon.


This visit follows the one-off economic aid granted by the Normandy Region in 2021 as part of Fives Nordon’s takeover of ACPP.


Fives Nordon's takeover bid for ACPP was supported by the Normandy region, in the form of one-off economic aid. Since 2021, this aid has helped to:

  • Stabilize the workforce: following the takeover, the priority was to keep the 162 employees in work. To compensate for staff turnover, Fives Nordon ACPP hired 40 employees in 2022 (permanent, fixed-term, apprentice contracts) and now has 156 employees.
  • Maintain and develop skills with close to 10,000 hours of training provided in 2022.
  • Reach agreements with our customers to sign new contracts to ensure an immediate workload for the teams and guarantee the completion of projects for our customers.
  • Invest in land, infrastructure, and digital technology (purchase of land, work to achieve electrical compliance, modernization of IT equipment, installation of fiber for video conferencing, etc.).



The commercial prospects enable Fives Nordon ACPP to plan ahead for the coming years, especially in the defense and industry sectors (framework agreement with Naval Group, hydrogen projects, etc.) and in the nuclear sector (EPR2 programs, EPR fuel pool liners, various projects for ORANO).

Fives Nordon ACPP and Fives Nordon are establishing themselves as strategic French players in the energy sector, ready to take on EPR2 and hydrogen challenges with dedicated resources across the country.

To support its development, Fives Nordon ACPP is relying on new investments, additional staff – the ambition is to reach 250 employees by 2025 – and improving its employees’ technical skills through in-house and independent training.



  • Workforce: 156 employees, 40 hired in 2022
  • Workshop surface area: 8,500 m², 2 carbon and stainless steel workshops

Located in Digulleville near La Hague (France - Manche department), Fives Nordon ACPP’s adventure started at the end of the 70s with the construction of the nuclear waste reprocessing plant in La Hague (formerly Cogéma). The company has unique expertise and experience in pressure vessels and piping, welding and fabrication. Recognized for the quality of its work in high-tech industrial projects, Fives Nordon ACPP has been the preferred partner of major clients for over 40 years, especially in nuclear (fuel pool liners for Areva and EDF) and defense (creation of barrel slides for NEXTER).



ACPP, which was in receivership and a former subsidiary of the Manoir Industries group, was taken over by Fives Nordon on May 25, 2021, on the decision of the Rouen commercial court.

Fives Nordon ACPP's expertise, which makes it the go-to player for complex projects in demanding sectors, complements Fives Nordon's own expertise, which within the industrial group Fives designs and manufactures piping networks and equipment, and provides high value-added services and maintenance. Established at the beginning of the 20th century in Nancy, Fives Nordon, which has around 700 employees, has been a major player in energy programs (thermal and nuclear power plants) since then.