Our ambition is to welcome people who share our passion for industry and the technological solutions of tomorrow.






At Fives, people are at the heart of the Group’s Human Resources actions and policy.


Since its creation over 200 years ago, Fives has developed forward-looking technologies to build and support the industry of the future. By joining us, you will contribute to developing our know-how. Therefore, we deeply wish to let you express yourself through initiative, technical excellence and team spirit. We adapt career management to each people, and you can benefit from tools to discuss and boost your career all along your time with us:


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Starter meeting

After your personalized integration path, one member of our Human Resources community will meet with you to discuss how your integration went and to have feedback on your level of satisfaction. This is an occasion to give you a deeper understanding of the Group’s activities and businesses and eventually give you an insight into mid-and long-term career evolution.

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Appraisal interview

Organized annually with your Manager, the appraisal interview is an opportunity to talk about your contribution to the company's objectives, to measure the results you achieved and to define a development plan in line with your goals, identified skills and professional project.

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Helping you to develop your skills is one of the main missions for our Human Ressources community. Specific training courses – in-person classes or e-learning- are therefore regularly developed within the Group to ensure that you are as well adapting to our jobs and teams' needs as possible.

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Career Management Committee

Organized on a yearly basis in every company, the Career Management Committee takes place in every company with, at least, one member of the Group Human Resources Department. Its role is to discuss your contribution and your potential to grow within the organization. It is also the occasion to design initiatives that support your mid- and long-term development.

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Career Meeting

The career meeting gives you the opportunity to talk to your local Human Resources colleague or to the Group Talent Manager about your ambitions, possibilities of professional evolution and to provide you with the career opportunities. You can ask for such a meeting whenever you want in the year and during your time within Fives.