How we support your career development

In engineering, our teams’ skills and knowledge are a key factor of our performance making human resources management is a priority. The Fives Human Resources Department has put in place tools that allow all employees to meet with their manager, Human Resources Manager and the Group’s Human Resources Department. Regular meetings, training, and opportunities to develop employees’ skills and discuss career development as well as ensuring the ongoing employability of all our staff is extremely important to us.



Sylvie, 46 years old, Head of Service

MARTIN Sylvie P50 150 200-FIVES

INSA engineer and with a Ph.D. in Mechanics, I joined a Fives company specializing in Intralogistics in 2001 with the ambition to evolve within the Group into new businesses and new functions. I have held several posts: Business Implementation Manager, Head of the Mechanics Design Department, and Customer Service Manager before being appointed Head of Service. Each new experience was a challenge, an opportunity to grow personally and develop in a professional technical environment. I think that mobility, which is encouraged by the Group, contributes to maintaining dynamism in the Group’s companies. As for equal opportunities, my career path demonstrates that Fives offers the same opportunities to women as well as men."

Sébastien, 32 years old, Head of Mechanics Design Department

THOLLET Sébastien 150 200-FIVES

I joined Fives in 2001 for my 2nd year university internship (work/study program), I was hired by a Fives company specializing in Intralogistics in a difficult and uncertain economic context. I held various posts: designer in the Mechanics Design Department, Project Manager in the Mechanics Design Department, Preliminary Design Engineer, in the sales Department, Development Business Manager (small scale accounts) and Business Implementation Manager. In January 2013, I was appointed Head of the Mechanics Design Department.
My integration into the company couldn’t have gone more smoothly. When I arrived I was the “baby” of the department; the next youngest team member was ten years older than myself! I received an almost ‘paternal’ welcome especially as most of my colleagues were over fifty; however, they always listened patiently to my questions and helped me to progress. Their ongoing support really helped me to progress (and still does!) in the company. I hope that young people joining the company in the future will receive as much help as I did.
I really had the feeling that my aspirations, intentions and desire to experience new roles were taken on board during the annual appraisals. With my new managerial position, I know that Group tools such as CEDAR tools really do help employees express their career aspirations."

Matt, 32 years old, Operations Director

MattShockey 150 200-FIVES

I have been with the Group for 15 years, during which time I led the manufacturing shop at Cinetic Landis Corp. in the USA, and have benefited from both the "career booster" interview and international mobility opportunities. In 2011, I joined Cinetic Landis UK as the company's Operations Director."

Yemna, 33 years old, Operational and Sales Director

 MG 6687 YemnaAkbache Recad 150 200-FIVES

In March 2010, I joined the Fives Group as a Business Manager in one of their companies specializing in Maintenance. My responsibilities grew thanks to new contracts in the Aerospace sector. These new opportunities expanded my duties and after two years I was appointed Business Account Manager in charge of the SAFRAN portfolio.
In 2013, following an internal transfer, the management offered me the position of Operational and Sales Director, which I was more than happy to accept.
I am really happy and comfortable in the job I do today."

Samir, Sales Engineer

fives samir careers-FIVES

I started my higher education in Algiers and, after a spell in Paris, I prepared a thesis in energy mechanics for my PhD at the Douai Ecole des Mines engineering school.
In 2007, I joined Fives Stein as an engineer in R&D, a fascinating job that requires discipline, pragmatism and a certain open mindedness. This experience helped me to discover the Group’s activities. That is how I had the idea of a career change and now it’s a done deal! Since 2013, I have been a Sales Engineer in charge of equipment for the glass industry. An operational job where you get involved in the real world.
This change was mainly thanks to the Group’s policy of flexibility and internal mobility. The transition took place over a period of 3 months, during which I split my time between R&D and sales.
My career development, and career management in the Group in general, is one of the major advantages of working for Fives. At the moment, once again thanks to Fives, I am preparing myself to meet new challenges, this time managerial."

Alice, 39 years old, Head of Production, Industrialization, Maintenance and After-Sales

nICLOU 1 150 200-FIVES

In 2003, after recently graduating as a Process Engineer, I joined one of Fives’ companies specializing in Cryogenics | Energy. I started my career as a Research and Development engineer and then as a Technical-sales engineer. Then in 2009, I was given the opportunity to implement a Continuous Improvement process and was appointed head of this department:, a very varied, cross-cutting position with lots of contact with all the departments in the company. This multi-project management experience opened the door to another position: Head of the Design Department and After-Sales. This was my first experience of managing a team (around forty people) and lasted three years. At the end of 2012, I was promoted to Production, Maintenance and Industrialization Manager and kept my After-Sales functions as well (responsible for over 200 people).
Since I joined the company, I have been warmly welcomed and the fact that I am a woman has never been an obstacle to my career. Most of the people in my team are men but this has never been a problem in terms of management. In fact, there are several women on the Executive Committee."

Jonathan, 34 years old, Information Technology Director

fives jonathan careers-FIVES

I was hired by Fives in 2008 after completing my Master’s Degree in Business Intelligence. I initially worked directly for the Vice President of Marketing gathering business intelligence related to our industry, markets, and competitors. I also worked on special projects related to global reporting tools for the sales, marketing, and finance functions. I transitioned to the Information Technology area in 2012, reporting to the CFO, where I currently lead the Fives Machining Systems IT function in the United States.
The company has shown confidence in me to allow me to work on significant projects early in my career. They have moved me between functional areas so as to broaden my knowledge and prepare me for other challenges in the future. Senior management has shown an interest in my career and they acknowledge the importance of a work/life balance. I have had exposure to all levels of the organization, which I likely would not have had elsewhere. I am very pleased with the career path I am on with Fives."

Agnieszka, Deputy CEO (China)


It really doesn’t feel like I’ve been with the Group for 18 years, because I’ve
never been bored! My tasks are extremely varied and in all of my projects.
I have been able to make major contributions, from their very start up to their industrial application. Fives has given me the opportunity to build a motivating and international career. Thanks to the trust of my managers, I have been able to progress in my career within the Group and make my own contribution to building it."

Thanks to its size and numerous sites around the world, Fives encourages its employees, if they wish so, to pursue part of their career overseas.
Career Booster interviews, an opportunity to discuss mobility and career development, are arranged by the Group’s Human Resources Department or by the employee. They provide employees with an opportunity to discuss their career in their current entity or in another Group company